Yahweh Adventist Ministries of The Seventh Day

By Brother Marc William White USN-RET

01-20-2023 this post is to mark the exact time, date, and location of the birth of Yahweh Adventist Ministries, 8998 Nashville Road, Adairville Kentucky, 42202. On 01-20-2023 at approx. 12:15 AM CST USA, at The White Family High Street House since 1946 at 417 A North High Street, Adairville Kentucky 42202, Marc & Joann White were directed by Yahweh to name the ministry, Yahweh Adventist Ministries of The Seventh Day from this moment forward located at 8998 Nashville Road, Adairville Kentucky 42202. Completely FREE meals will be served to anyone wishing to attend with a true heart, Wednesdays at 6:00 PM, Fridays at 6:00 PM, and Sabbath at noon, each and every week from here forward.

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