Usability Of Your Company Website: Some DOs & DON’Ts

By Marc William White USN-RET 01-25-23 7:18 AM CST USA

Good morning! What an amazing day Yahweh has made, we are working for His Mighty Perfect Kingdom! Is Father God welcome in your company, business, or building? For the most part I would say probably not, because if about 50% of Americans say “God is optional” in 2023, and “only 3% to 5% tithe 10% of their income each month”, a much lower percentage of businesses want any discussion at all (much less any action) of Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit. On one hand we have the smaller “mom and pop” websites of the world, on the other are perhaps the “slick and fancy” large corporate ones, then there are some in between these two. This short blog (web log) post will be a very brief outline of a few things I consider annoying, unnecessary, and wrong with many websites I visit each and every week, in hopes that if you are planning to design one, you might make your site as welcoming and usable as possible.

Annoyed is the very last feeling or thought you want your clients to experience when visiting your company / business website because happy people will engage and spend money, unhappy people will typically not, and as a “for profit business” you need some profit to keep things operating. This morning I Googled something, went to the website below, and this is what I was “served”, see the image below and I will continue in a paragraph below it.

No sooner than when the website was loaded into my browser, I was presented a screen which sort of “went dark” and faded, in rapid succession no less than 3 actions took place although I didn’t do anything except look at the screen. One pop up was for cookies, the other was for a free demo or trial, and finally there was a small one which looked like a chat box. Did I feel as if I was in control? NO! Not at all!! My impression was, “this is terrible”, so I clicked away, but not before I grabbed the screen shot. Why?? Great question. I want to be in control of my life as much as possible although as real Christians of the true early ministry of Jesus Christ we know we aren’t always allowed to do so, Father God Abba Yahweh is in control, and sometimes Lucifer can get us off track. It seems most corporations don’t subscribe to “the customer is always right” anymore, but here at R.E. White we do, we want our clients to always feel and know they are in control.

It can seem maddening at times, we are all doing it all day every day if we are online, for the most part, clicking away things we are not interested in nor want. A chat box here, a pop up demanding our email address there, creating yet another account for the third time in a day again, the slippery little bur in our saddle called the cookie warning or message, a broken link to nowhere or an unexpected destination, pages with large banner ads on each side and the top and bottom of a page, articles of interest with ads between each paragraph, and on and on and on. Just think of ALL the wasted clicks, glances, and views around the globe? Billions of wasted clicks each day!! How can we start to change this? What is the first step? What would I do to make a visit to a website more enjoyable? Why would I want to empower my clients with their visit to our business website?

One of the first things I recommend for ANY website is, allow NOTHING to happen!! No ads, no pop ups, no cookie warnings, no self starting videos, no sound, no “subscribe to our email list” pop ups, no chat boxes, no creating of accounts, no logging in, no over use of images, nothing, nothing at all, instead why not allow the visitor to relax, let their mind settle in for a while, help paint a picture of stability. This is a major part of our business model here at R.E. White Consulting, to allow the client to be in charge, to always be right, showing them the utmost respect and dignity, keeping things and pages and visits and agreements as very simple and basic as possible, especially when we first engage, before we spring into action and start completing tasks, requests, and projects. Slow but steady wins the race, every single time! Yes, it is extremely easy to get caught up in “what everybody else does” in terms of web usability and website construction and design, we say don’t fall for it, dare to be different, go against the grain, maybe even design it yourself! Ha!

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but will it take a thousand words, or ten thousand, for you to convince your client that YOU and your team are the BEST ones for the job? I don’t think so! If your sales skills, or that of your sales team, are sharp enough, a sale can be closed with very few words, then in turn, it will free up more time for you to make or take the next call, and land another client. Make your links BLUE, when they are highlighted make them RED, don’t serve up really “heavy” pages with too much content or infinity scrolling, go with less ads or no ads, keep the menu structure so easy that a 5 year old could navigate it without difficulty, don’t make words or links too small, keep the colors consistent, don’t use too many different fonts and font sizes, proof read your content and use correct grammar and punctuation, strike a balance between mom and pop along with the corporate world, don’t come across as begging your visitors, ditch the pop ups and instead ASK your visitors with static text on the screen or show them a box or button, and make sure your pages load QUICKLY in less than 3.5 seconds.

We hope this article helped you with the design and usability of your company website. Still in need of help? Great! We are here to assist and lend a hand, call or text 270-847-2955 after you give us some consideration. We can’t be all things to all clients here at R.E. White Consulting but if we are a good fit for your needs and team, and we can devote the required time and attention to your project, we will be overjoyed to engage with you. May Yahweh bless you richly, each and every word day! Jesus Christ is Lord!

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Marc William White USN-RET, MCP, CEO

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