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2023-03-12 5:39PM CST – Speed of www.rewhiteconsulting.com entire front page of 3.96MB traveling 1,428 (straight line distance) miles from home of Google Data Center Council Bluffs Iowa to GTmetrix server in Vancouver Canada in 2.3 seconds is 2,235,130 miles per hour. On freeway (1,794 miles) speed is 2,808,000 miles per hour. Speed of light is 670,616,629 miles per hour.
2023-03-12 6:57PM CST – GTmetrix www.rewhiteconsulting.com score is: Grade “B”, Performance “92%”, Structure “71%”, LCP “1.3 s”, TBT “17 ms”, CLS “0”, Top Issues 1MH – 3M – 1ML, Fully Loaded Time “2 s”, Total Page Size “3.96MB”, Total Page Requests “39”.
2023-03-12 – Size of www.rewhiteconsulting.com is 316.22 MB.
2023-03-07 – Kadence Theme & Kadence Blocks plugin free versions installed via WordPress.
2023-03-02 01:10:40 – WordPress website www.rewhiteconsulting.com installed via WordPress Toolkit.
2023-03-01 19:04 – Cpanel account installed via WHM for www.rewhiteconsulting.com.
2022-07-28T10:32:45Z – Registrar updated date of www.rewhiteconsulting.com.
2021-11-14 – CloudLinux Shared Pro installed via SSH / Google Cloud Platform Console.
2021-11-07T08:56:57Z – Registrar creation date of www.muleshed.com.
2021-11-07 18:50 – Cpanel account installed via WHM for www.muelshed.com.
2021-11 – Apache Webserver installed via SSH / Google Cloud Platform.
2021-11-07 – Web Host Manager installed via BYOL / Google Cloud Platform Console.
2021-11-07 – Linux CentOS installed via BYOL / Google Cloud Platform Console.
2021-11-04 10:28:54 AM UTC-05:00 – Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine VM Instance created.
2021-10-20 – Google Cloud Platform account created 90 days no charge.
2016-07-27T23:39:55Z – Registrar creation date of www.rewhiteconsulting.com.
2015 – Business plan formulated for R.E. White Consulting Agency.
2000 – R.E. White Consulting Agency concept is born at 2484 Sand Hill Rd, Bldg 4, Menlo Park, CA, 94025.

While there are certainly many ideas, concepts, strategies, habits, things, and principles which set us clearly, very far apart, from our competition, one of the most important is the complete transparency in which we run and operate our company, team, and business. We want you the client / customer to be educated, to which ever level you desire, be it the detailed intricate inner workings of WordPress, or simply knowing where your website is physically located. Below, please find extremely detailed information about our servers, and please do us a personal favor, search high and low across the entire web, we don’t believe you will find any company willing to disclose so much data and info about what you are really purchasing. Thank you!

MuleShed Servers

Page Updated: on 07-01-22 by Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO
Server Name: North American Server #1.
Official Server Name: rewcwh-s1-gc-usc1-a-vm (R.E. White Consulting Web Hosting Server 1 Google Cloud United States Central 1 a Virtual Machine).
Creation / Installation Date: Nov 4 (Thursday), 2021, 10:28:54 AM UTC-05:00.
Server / Network Admin-Tech-Engineer: Mr. Marc William White, Chief Executive Officer (R.E. White Consulting LLC), United States Navy Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer Second Class (E5) Retired, Microsoft Certified Professional (NT 4.0 & Networking Essentials Retired), Triple J Round Rock Ranch (Owner).
Network Type: Public Cloud (Public clouds are managed by public cloud service providers, which include the public cloud environment’s servers, storage, networking and data center operations).
Cloud Vendor Company: Google (Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware).
Virtual Instance Type: Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine (Scalable) (Google Compute Engine (GCE) is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) component of Google Cloud Platform which is built on the global infrastructure that runs Google’s search engine, Gmail, YouTube and other services).
Virtual Machine Type: n2-standard-2 (Balanced price/performance across a wide range of VM shapes, best performance/cost for scale-out workloads, ultra high-memory workloads, ultra high performance for compute-intensive workloads, optimized for high performance computing workloads, web serving).
Server CPU Type: 2vCPUs (Intel Cascade Lake – CPU specification(s) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU Frequency 2800.152-3100.278 MHz Cache(s)32.8 kB / 32.8 kB / 1.0 MB / 34.6 MB Hypervisor KVM Topology 1 / 4 / 2).
Server RAM Type: 8GB Memory (Random-access memory (RAM; /ræm/) is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code).
Server Disk Type: 200GB Balanced Persistent Disk (are backed by solid-state drives (SSD). They are an alternative to SSD persistent disks that balance performance and cost).
Server Operating System: CloudLinux Shared Pro v7.9.0 kvm (LVE Manager, Cage FS, MySQL Governer, Hardened PHP, Secure Links, Mode_Isapi, installed 11-14-21 11:40 PM CST).
Server Web Server Software: Apache/2.4.51 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.1.1l mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server MPM: prefork, Server Built: Oct 7 2021 15:12:45.
Server Web Hosting Software: BYOL – WHM Pro (Web Host manager) / Cpanel (Control Panel) v100.0.2 (30 User License & 24 Hour Support, Installed 11-4-21.)
Server Client Automation & Billing Solution: WHMCS – (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) “Fully automated hosting account setup and management with domains too. Automatically bill and collect payments from customers with professional looking invoices.”
Server Security Solution: Imunify360 v5.11.5-1 (Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation with easy UI and advanced automation, Installed 11-15-21).
Server Backup Solution: Jetbackup 5 (Custom Hooks, Multi Scheduling, Account Filters, GDPR Mode, GUI w / Dashboard, Installed 11-15-21).
Server Backups: GCP 200GB BP Disk Backup / Snapshot: 3.12 GB, performed on Jul 1, 2022, 11:09:23 AM UTC-05:00 by MWCEO. WHM – JetBackup – MuleShedBackupJob1 – Monday through Sunday @ 3:00AM CST USA (ALL ACCOUNTS, Backup Contains: Panel Config, Home Dir Files, Databases, Database Users, Email Accounts Including Email Contents, FTP Accounts, Cron Jobs, DNS Zones, SSL Certificates). Backup Structure *Incremental / Archived Compressed.
Network Connection Type: Premium Tier (Give users exceptional high performing network experience by using Google’s global network. CLB / HPR / LL / Global SLA).
Server Location: Where your website is physically located – Google Data Center – Zone US-Central-1a – 1430 Veterans Memorial Highway, Council Bluffs Iowa 51501. Google Low CO2 Emissions Data Center.
Server Monthly Financial Costs: Analyzing Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine Instances monetary costs is quite complex, please use the following calculator, https://cloud.google.com/products/calculator. On 11-4-2021, Google offered 90 days free. On 02-13-22, MuleShed Web Hosting was approved for a 3 year CUD (Committed Use Discount), after applying to have our Quotas increased and successfully completing the requirements. Follow this link for more detailed data and info on GCP Compute Engine VM Instances: https://cloud.google.com/compute/all-pricing
Administrator Laptop & Internet Connection: Brand: DELL Inspiron 7791, 2 in 1 Laptop. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz 2.30 GHz. RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable). Storage: 32GB Intel Optane PCIe NVMe Gen 3 x2, Storage: 500GB SSD M.2 2230 PCIe NVMe 3 x4. Display: 27″ Samsung 4K Display & NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB dedicated graphics. Network: Calix GigaSpire GS4220E Wireless Router, CAT 6 Internal Home Office LAN / Wireless. Broadband Service: United Communications / Crystal Clear / Middle Tennessee Electric Corporation Gigabit Service- Latest Speedtest on 07-01-22 by Ookla = 850.33 Mbps Download & 850.27 Mbps Upload ~ (1000Mbps Download X 1000Mbps Upload internet connection speed $99.95 a month, router is $10.00 a month). New Video Editor Machine Build In Progress 07-01-22: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 core / 32 thread processor, Samsung 980 Pro 2T PCIe 4.0 NVME M.2 SSD (up to) 7000MB transfer speeds, more components on order.

Company & Server Software We Utilize: Microsoft Windows (Operating Systems), Microsoft Office (PPM Office Suite), Open Office (OS Office Suite), Kaspersky (PPM Anti Virus), Thunderbird (OS Email), GIMP (OS Image Editor), CloudLinux Shared Pro (OS Linux Operating System), WHM-Cpanel (PPM Web Host Manger / Control Panels), Imunify 360 (Security Soultion), JetBackup (Backup Soultion), WordPress (OS Content Management System) Astra (Free version WordPress Theme), Max Mega Menu (PPM Menu System).

Coming Soon: software to be installed on server by December 30th, 2021- LightSpeed Web Server, KernelCare, WHMCS, Imunify AV+, MailGun.


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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Let’s face it, the truth, many hosting companies never give you all the specifications of their data centers, the hardware employed, the software they purchase, what their customer support really is about, the billing procedures, and who the management and or CEO really are. You, the customer, are never fully educated, honored, nor respected. Introducing MuleShed Hosting, where we aim to change all of that, with truly world class, black tie elite, fanatical customer service!! Come on in to the shed, store your website and peace of mind, join other startups, mom and pop shops, and young entrepreneurs just like yourself. I personally welcome you to a brand new world of web hosting and data storage / data management / data retrieval / data collection. Thank you for your consideration and business sir or ma’am! Call or text 270-847-2955 today!!! Marc W White CEO

Important Company Data

Main Phone & Text Number: 270-847-2955.
Williamson County TN Business License: 0176133.
Thompsons Station TN Business License: 1001567169.
Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S®: 117585373.

We Lease From Google

We lease our server straight on the Google Cloud Platform,
and for the money, respect for our clients, kindness and consideration,
technical expertise, and world class support…MuleShed can’t be touched!!
Marc W White
United States Navy Retired
Microsoft Certified Professional
Chief Executive & Technology Officer

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