The Five Divisions of Service at R.E. White Consulting Explained

By Marc William White USN-RET

Thompsons Station TN 12:06 PM CST Sun 11-06-22

Good morning! Good morning to all of our clients, past clients, and future clients, I mention you first because here at R.E. White Consulting, our goal and aim is to always put the client first, always, no matter what, with highly professional, world class, fanatical customer service! Additionally, good morning to any and all team members, interns, business partners, tenants, friends, family members, associates, site visitors, hosting clients, and others! I am Marc William White USN-RET, the owner and operator of the business, I consider myself as down to earth, approachable, genuine, humble, meek, kind, and Christ like, despite the great success we have experienced during the past 3 years. I make myself available to everyone 24 hours a day 6 days a week through snail mail, email, texting at 270-847-2955, voice and voice mail at the same number, various apps, in person, and P.O. Box 60 Adairville Kentucky 42202.

Let’s jump straight in to our topic for the post, shall we? Success is such an amazing thing, it truly really is, when I started this business and company, I wasn’t really asking for much success, but secretly I wanted quite a bit, haha, still I tried to remain humble, and to not ask God and Jesus Christ for too much, whatever they had in mind, would be good enough for me. The vast majority of businesses and corporations in America are clearly NOT using Jesus Christ as part of their business model, but we definitely are, so, in turn, I prayed about how to structure everything. Eventually, after enough prayer and consideration, God gave me the idea of “The Five Divisions of Service at R.E. White Consulting”, I said to Him, “are you sure, really sure, that this is it??” and He said, “YES Marc, I am sure, this is what I want you to do”, and He said “I will lead you, guide you, show you PROOF, and GIVE you success!!”.

IT, you know, data, raw numbers, devices, PCs, cables, routers, switches, hubs, dumb terminals, ethernet, ISPs, buttons, clicks, mice, keyboards, PSUs, GPUs, CPUs, fans, OSs, TCP/IP, binary, averages, ratios, statistics, means, plumb, square, radius, and on and on and on, until we get to and they produce INFORMATION, this is a VERY large part of business for many companies now, in fact it IS the business. IT is like the engine of a car, the more powerful it is, many times the faster you can go, so, we have IT, Information Technology, as our very first and most important “division”. This morning a potential client saw our Craigs List ad, she used her device to text me, I responded, so, this week we may “do a move” for her, inside our 3rd division named “Real Estate”, then “Lifted Moving Services”, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, lol. All good ideas need structure, if you are struggling with this, TEXT us please.