The Best Things In Life ARE Free

07-04-21 ~ 4 loads of laundry washed and dried, 1 trip through the Chandelier Tree in California $5.00 discount, found a dime on the ground, multiple cups of hot water, the cups, and spoons at truck and rest stops, lots of friendly smiles from people, 1 night free parking at rest stop in Oregon, $?? Value, my cost = FREE. The best things in life ARE free, totally free!!

06-25-21 ~ Haircut – I was at Super Cuts in San Ramon CA, the price was $22.50, which I thought was pretty high. I was feeling down and blue because a good friend’s 28 year old step daughter died last Friday and I just found out today. As I was trying to negotiate a lower price with the beautiful young lady who works there, she said they could not go any lower, and a man asked if I had been in the military, I said “Yes sir, I am retired”, and he said “I will pay for his cut”. I thanked him multiple times, he was so friendly and gracious, and shook my hand. She also gave me a hot towel head and neck massage! I tipped her $10.00. It meant so much to me, that someone cared that much about me, really touched my heart. THANK YOU! $22.50 + tax value, my cost = FREE.

06-18-21 ~ A full roll of quarters from the hotel manager for laundry!!! THANK YOU. $10.00 value, my cost = FREE.

06??-21 ~ Entry into Bryce Canyon National Park. Golden Access Passport. THANK YOU. $30.00 value, my cost = FREE.

06-??-21 ~ Offer to spend the night at the home of a beautiful single young woman because I was going to need to sleep in my van, the hotels were full. Offer politely declined, THANK YOU. $120.00 value, my cost = FREE.

06-??-21 ~ Entry into Grand Canyon National Park. Golden Access Passport. THANK YOU. $30.00 value, my cost = FREE.

06-??-21 ~ Entry into Meteor Crater Park. Normal military discount is $13.00, he comped me in, THANK YOU! $22.00 value, my cost = FREE.

05-22-21 ~ 10 Suits – (46 R) Hugo Boss, Polo, Tommy Bahama, Burberry, and others, 12 dress button down shirts, 10 pairs of dress shorts, 9 polo type dress shirts (some are Polo), 6 pairs of blue jeans, 6 nice leather belts, 10 T shirts (one says Dog’s Rule), and a 12 pound bag of gourmet $40.00 dog food. Private donation. $1,000.00 value (at least), my cost = FREE. Note: you just gotta love America, the man was as nice as anyone could be, paid me $50.00 an hour to help him, and gave me all of what I outlined above. No wonder he is so successful, he has a giving heart, God bless you sir and thank you!! Update: suits and clothing sold for $174.00 in less than an hour.

05-20-21 ~$50.00 USD from Etoro Exchange, “Additionally, on 05/19/2021 your eToro account was credited $50 from the  Investopedia campaign “Trade $1000 get $50″. Those funds are available in your account and can be withdrawn at will.” Thank you! $50.00 value, my cost = FREE.

05-14-21 ~ $5.00 in Bitcoin, +0.00010061 BTC ($4.99), from an exchange for automatic weekly buys. $5.00 value, that will grow, my cost = FREE. (just think, Bitcoin went to $63,000.00 this year, and they used to cost $1.00)

05-14-21 ~ $50.00 tip from client, John Dicesare, Key Largo, 3 hour and 20 minute move into U-Haul van. Thank you so much sir, the bill was $150.00, this is greatly appreciated! Have a safe drive and enjoy your trip. $50.00 value, my cost = FREE.

05-13-21 ~ $14.23 tip from 70 Foot Yacht Client, thank you ma’am, that means so much! We sure appreciate your kindness and message of peace! You inspire so many people!! $14.23 value, my cost = FREE.

05-06-21 ~ RJs New Zealand’s Finest Original Soft Eating Licorice, plant based, 2 full boxes, 50 total, from a new client, thank you so much ma’am! God bless you! $70.00 value on Amazon, my cost = FREE.

05-01-21 ~ medication, the VA sent it all the way from Miami Florida to my P.O. Box. I recently cut my dose in half, it’s just for sleep and non narcotic. $385.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-27-21 ~ +0.00009094 in Bitcoin / Satoshis from a crypto exchange for trading, this can increase in time, my cost = FREE.

O4-29-21 ~ paper towels, $5.00, WinDixie, discount on roll of paper towels that was mispriced, my cost = FREE.

04-20-21 ~ sheet metal, large piece, stainless steel, from the street / throw out, card table, fold up table, sold the metal in under 5 minutes for $20.00, value of $30.00 total, my cost = FREE.

04-17-21 ~ 7 cents, given a quarter in place of 18 cents, on purpose, Over Easy Restaurant, Tavernier Florida, thank you, $.7 cent value, my cost = FREE.

04-15-21 ~ Libman Sponges pot scrubbers, 3 pack, Publix, Islamorada FL, buy 1 get 1, my cost = FREE.

04-14-21 ~ medical care, the VA called me today, to see if I needed a medical appointment, politely declined, $120.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-14-2021 ~ living room chair & a tall wooden book shelf with 6 shelves in it, from down the street at a rental house, very nice condition, I met the people giving it away and they were so polite to me, thank you, $200.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-12-21 ~ dinner at Enrico’s Pizza Tavernier Florida, 3 Cheese Ravioli & Garlic Bread, it was incredible, comped, thank you, $16.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-11-21 ~ massage at Cheeca Lodge and Spa Tavernier Florida Keys, and $1,000.00 cash, (both politely declined) I appreciate it but I like sleeping on the floor actually, it keeps me humble and reminds me to save money, thank you (private donation), $1,100.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-09-21 ~ foam bed pad, I needed more foam for my bed, but refused to buy it, so I prayed, it wasn’t long and someone was throwing out an entire king sized sleep by numbers bed with the platforms, 2 mattresses, the foam, and the topper and pump, I took the foam, and it is very thick nice foam, $100.00 value, my cost = FREE.

04-05-21 ~ medication, the VA sent it all the way from Providence Rhode Island, $385.00 value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ office chair, black, swivel, high back with arms, great condition, only 2 small rips, on the street in the neighborhood, the houses here sell for $5M and up along the bay, so they give away really nice stuff, thank you, $100.00 value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ metal office chair fold up, desk, bed pad, these are on loan to me currently from my landlord until I replace them with free furniture from the neighborhoods, thank you Bob, $20.00 a month value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ chocolate cake, 1 piece, so yummy, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, Key Largo Florida, thank you Jessica, $5.00 value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ tai chi lessons 1 hour, this was so much fun, on a dock, at sunset, over looking the Gulf of Mexico, in perfect weather, thank you so much and yes I am utilizing what I learned, she is so sweet, $90.00 value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ medication, the VA sent it all the way from Providence Rhode Island, $385.00 value, my cost = FREE.

03-21 ~ 17 nights lodging in Key Largo Florida at peak season, full apartment with full kitchen & memory foam bed, THANK YOU (private donation), a $2,890.00 value, my cost = FREE. I have volunteered multiple times to help in any way to repay this, so far have moved a fridge and microwave. Update: 04/27/21 moved a sofa and a futon no charge.

01-21 ~ mansion tour, The Breakers, Newport Rhode Island, after Christmas, open to the public for 2 nights only to residents (I was in fact living in New Port) and military, it was very interesting indeed, I have also been to the Biltmore House in Ashville NC multiple times, $26.00 value, my cost = FREE.

12-19-20~ appendix removal, this was very very expensive and involved multiple medical facilities, ambulance ride, multiple nights in patient stays, scans, surgery, medications, phone calls, etc., at various hospitals and clinics, $50,000.00 value, my cost = FREE.

12-20 ~ 60 days lodging permission at Newport Navy Base, a lot of people put a lot of time and energy into this, the Chaplin, The Chaplin Manager, Base Executive Officer, & The Base Commanding Officer, I was the only retiree allowed to stay when the threat condition levels went back up due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I paid for the room but their work was given to me & these men get paid a lot of money for their time, thank you so much everyone, $1000.00 value, my cost = FREE.

11-20 ~ stuffed muffin cheese cake desert, at Mastro’s Seaport Boston, sent over by the manager at the Boston Harbor Hotel where I spent 8 of the most unforgettable enchanting days and nights anyone could ever imagine on planet earth, Mr. Scott I think was his name, it was soooo good, thank you, $15.00 value, my cost = FREE.

10-20 ~ 8 OZ (1/2 Pint) Vermont Grade A Dark Maple Syrup produced by Hewitt’s Maple Shack, Bennington Vermont, received after my lumber jack breakfast at Papa Pete’s Home of The Giant Pancake, it was actually Pete’s daughter that gave it to me, he passed away some years ago, thank you so very much for your kindness, $5.00 value, my cost = FREE.

07-20 ~ gift card, Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, for calling and giving feedback, $20.00 value, my cost = FREE.