The Basic Principles Of Being A Good Business Partner

By Marc William White USN-RET 01-18-2023 Kentucky

I always enjoy starting off my posts and all electronic communication with good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, if I am able, because being polite is a sign of real true professionalism. So, good afternoon! Today is Wednesday, and welcome to our Google Cloud Platform server, in Council Bluffs Iowa, and to R.E. White Consulting. In the beginning I was going to make this business a non profit Christian ministry, but decided to do it another way, be a for profit first and foremost, then preach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ while working, completing tasks and projects, and serving our incredible clients. Father God Abba Yahweh wants to bless us and you my friend, in giving us 6 days a week, with 24 hours in each day, He provides ample opportunity for us to work for money, so take advantage of all that time. Jesus is the ultimate CEO, never lose sight, no man can serve two masters, we can not serve God and money, albeit we are directed to work (not necessarily for money) in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible! 🙂 The Holy Bible says much about riches, material things, and money, so study it daily.

Ahhhh, now I am settled in, and have some warm coffee, always nice and relaxing, especially by myself, and thinking about Jesus Christ, His awesome love for me, and my love for Him. Let’s say you are an employee today, but dream of owning your business, something YOU create, with much more income than you have now, in order to accomplish this you will need people to pay you, here at R.E. White they are our “clients”, you can find a list of notable ones on the front page of this site. One of the very first most important, critically necessary, absolute principles of being a good business partner, is to realize your clients are partners also, and not just clients. If you fail to understand this, it is likely your business will eventually fail, you may close up shop, and or you may face financial bankruptcy and ruin. Seeing the client as both partner and client joins us to them, it gets them involved, they feel PART of what is going on, they help make decisions, then we don’t just see them as another number, someone writing a check, something to be replaced by another client if we don’t like them or they do something wrong.

Many of you, perhaps the majority of you, who have never been in the United States Military, you might look at it or consider it and think to yourself “the military is no big deal”, maybe you wanted to be part of it at some point in the past but were too afraid, and you have never told anyone the truth about it, see. Perhaps you thought “someone else can do that, I am going to college and stick close to home”. I can tell you, in 1987, our society and military was much different than it is now, when I enlisted in the United States Navy, women were not part of combat ships, at all, they were NOT allowed to be there, it was ALL men. I was terrified of “going in”, I really was, only 20 years old, leaving my family and relocating to the other side of the country, and possibly traveling all over the world, it was extremely scary for me, but I did it anyway, I felt and believed God wanted me there, and where He says go, I try and go, without question. I wanted to “be part”, see, see the word?? To be “part”, as in “partner”, as in “partnership”, with people, with an organization, with my city, county, state, nation, and government. I wanted to be part of something I knew I could not create on my own, I was so young, I needed a team!

Now, please listen up, as stated, deciding to and then joining in and going to any US Military boot camp and being in boot camp, was EXTREMELY challenging for me, VERY very challenging, in fact I maybe should have not even been there in the first place, this was actually proven by the US Government Veterans Affairs, a legal sort of “arm” of the military, they provide many of our benefits, such as medical, education, and paychecks. I did my absolute best to do my part and duty when entering the military, and I think they did also maybe, but I am not the government or a doctor or a recruiter, they were, and it was their responsibility to help me, its called “duty to assist”. Ultimately, the government stated, basically, “we failed to assist you Marc White”, this is how I “won my VA claim” to get to 100% Disabled American Veteran status. Can you see that? We had a serious break down in the partnership, they did not do their part, they failed to do what they should have been doing, then in turn awarded me a vast sum of money, health benefits, travel benefits, housing benefits, and so much more.

In boot camp at San Diego California, things were going well for me, I paid attention to what we were being taught, I tried to memorize all the written material, I listened to every order given with great interest, when it was time to clean I scrubbed and folded and mopped, the tiny gear locker they gave us was critical so mine was always ready for inspection 24 hours a day, I watched and listened, and always tried to do everything better and better, I wanted success. Maybe about half way through boot camp, our Company Commander, Petty Officer First Class Bright, came to me and said, “you have been promoted to squad leader, the other guy has been relieved of his duty”, and BOOM, instantly I had about 20 men under my command, and they NEEDED to make choices, all day every day, to either listen to me, or to fail and or get into trouble with disciplinary actions. Never for a moment did I allow this to go to my head, I lead with good basic principles, and my men loved me, they truly did. I saw each man as a partner, part of the squad, a team member, someone who could contribute. My intentions were never SELFish, my goal was total success for the company, the squad, and each man.

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, dedication, paying attention, learning, teaching, guiding, being patient, staying strong, not showing too much weakness, courage, understanding, compassion for suffering, active listening, planning, goal setting, task completion, being family and or team oriented, giving, forgiving, staying sober, being physically fit, taking orders, understanding and using the chain of command, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, all of these, and more, were the principles or part of the principles of how I did what I did, or rather what WE did, in the United States Navy, Naval Training Center, Recruit Training Command, Company 219, San Diego California, United States of America!!! Being a good solid business partner starts with WANTING to be one, making a decision to COMMUNICATE and not ignore, to take the partnership SERIOUSLY, to respect the partnership MORE than you do one another, to see the common goal and work towards it, to be a TEAM player and to realize that Stephen Covey is right, in The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, when he says in habit 4, that Win / Win is the only scenario which truly works.

In closing, as you live life, you will encounter people along the way, and trust me you will, who for whatever reasons, don’t want to be or wish to be your business partner, teammate, roommate, activity buddy, date, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, client, tenant, landlord, and many other things, this is where R.E. White Consulting comes in, we aim to change a lot of that, by teaching our team members, family members, tenants, business partners, interns, associates, interns, and everyone, basic principles which always work and never fail, ever. I have learned in reading and experience “wise people end things often and they do it well” (this way they can always restart the partnership) they don’t keep doing things which don’t work and lead to failure, they change, and I am of course only human and still prone to doing things which fail sometimes, although it is never my true intention. Make a decision and stick with it, if you have exhausted all possibilities, and invested large sums of time and money into a partnership, and it just keeps failing, then maybe it is time to stop, chalk it up to experience, and move on.

Shame is a terrible thing, I have been overcome with shame before, all alone, feeling totally abandoned, but this is the work of Lucifer the devil, Satan, and those who work for him and follow him and do his bidding, he is the “father of all lies”, so never ever be ashamed for very long, you are a human being, not perfect but working on it, as God tells us in His glorious words. The next time you pick up the phone, and make a call, or someone calls you, see it as a partnership, be a true leader, because “everyone loves a leader, and nobody likes a tyrant or dictator”. Don’t take everything too personally, flip it around and see it as business, focus on the task at hand, staying sober from alcohol and tobacco and deadly food like products and marijuana, abstaining from sex out of wedlock, exercising our bodies and minds, possibly moving to a more peaceful place you dream of instead of being too anchored down and defending a piece of ground you don’t really “own” in the first place, tithing 10% of our income each week, observing Sabbath on Saturday, living by the 10 commandments, loving our neighbors as ourselves, working for money, running our businesses, creating a team, and investing in things and people who pay out.

Have a very nice day, keep coming back, it works if you work it!!! Love, peace, and joy,


Marc William White Koehne

Disabled American Veteran 100%

Social Security Back To Work Program

United States Navy DC PO2 Retired

Microsoft Certified Professional Retired

Triple J Round Rock Ranch Owner

R.E. White Consulting CEO / Owner

Sam’s Rental Properties Owner

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