Our mission is clear, concise, holy, and lofty and that is to help make the world a better place and to strive daily to elevate the quality of life for each and every site visitor, family member, friend, officer, consultant, partner, potential client, and client we come into contact with. When we say “elevate the quality of life” we are referring to a life with less unhappiness, illnesses, suffering, anxiety, stress, turmoil, depression, anger, addiction, scarcity, fear, consumption, debt, and selfishness and there are many various components we discuss and do as part of our program of success. We do this by promoting healthy organic locally grown plant based food consumption and drinking large amounts of good clean water which helps humans to feel more connected to the earth and all of the animals in it and each other and can and will cure many diseases.

Exercise is one of the most important parts of life and a body in motion stays in motion so we practice what we preach and feel that everyone should in one way or another, the comfort zone is where people “let themselves go” and many of them gain too much weight and in turn face horrific health problems. Additionally we believe in Christianity and Jesus and God and giving and forgiveness and redemption and showing compassion to all living beings no matter how far down they have gone or how high they have climbed. We focus as a team to help individuals start their own businesses and or support their already existing business and to keep the overhead low, build a great team, deliver an amazing product or service, grow and learn from mistakes, keep and maintain healthy boundaries, and be an example of what a successful good wholesome principally based organization or company looks like and in turn help others do the same.

At the core our mission is to send out ripples and currents and droplets of goodness and love and light into the world so we can crush and destroy poverty, ignorance, violence, disease, greed, envy, hate, bullying, unprofessionalism, theft, lying, crime, hostility, emasculation of men, abuse and violence towards women and children, over consumption, fear, debt, and Satan.