Marc White CEO Resume

Marc White CEO

Chief Executive Officer / Owner
Full Stack Investor / Debt Management
Microsoft Certified Professional NT 4.0
US-Navy Divisional DC PO2 Retired
Triple J Round Rock Ranch Owner
Rental Property Investor / Owner

Welcome to my online CV / resume…

I am the Chief Executive Officer & owner at R.E. White Consulting LLC, a seasoned IT Systems Network Technician / Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional, United States Navy Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer Second Class Retired with a (deactivated) classified security clearance, Co-owner of The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, Rental Property / Estate Manager, and Resident Mule Caretaker. When I am not servicing the clients of R.E. White as a consultant, or feeding the mule, I am involved in the day to day operations of the company and networking with other business owners.

Welcome to the online Resume / CV of Marc White CEO, USN-RET, MCP, feel free to take your time and browse the data below. While this is somewhat inclusive there are many skilled jobs, customer service positions, complex lengthy IT projects, and clients not listed here in order to keep the length half way manageable and because of federal privacy laws, guidelines, restrictions, rules, regulations, non-disclosure agreements, etc. In my free time, I have enjoyed running off trail, mountain biking, technical rock climbing, blue water sailing, instructing, photography, digital editing, gourmet cooking, staying in touch with family and friends, sharing family genealogy, and more. When you hire our firm you can be assured that the job will be done professionally, on time, and within budget!!

Acknowledgments: I always try to give credit where credit is due so everything you see and read here is directly because of my loving and supportive grandmother and grandfather Sam and Lucille White, my sweet Christian mother Joann, my financial and career mentors, many very good strong men and women in Kentucky, friends from High School, many friends from college, many very wonderful women and men in my life, very talented and educated professors and teachers, supportive and intelligent doctors and nurses and therapists, and God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

Web Development: I am always involved in web development, I enjoy the design as well as the mechanics behind it. First web site developed in 1995, first domain name registered in 1996, (now sold). Advanced knowledge of WordPress and CMSs in general. Advanced knowledge and understanding of HTML programming language. Intermediate level of installation and support of PERL scripting language. Junior level knowledge of PHP scripting language. Thousands of study hours on web development, implementation, and usability. Consult with various individuals on commercial web sites in areas of usability, functionality, and design. Advanced knowledge of web hosting companies, servers, services, and networks.

WordPress: WordPress is the most widely used Open Source (free) Content Management System (CMS) in the world, highly scalable, written in PHP and paired with MySQL back end databases. As of April 2019 WP is running on 33% of the top 10 million websites globally. Senior level experience and knowledge of WP: planning, goal setting, structure, installation, design, layout, sand box pre deployment, live deployment, implementation, navigation, usability, migration, security, administration, maintenance, backups, updates, and more. Critical, in depth technical comprehension of: templates, containers, editors, global settings, caching, posts, categories, tags, media, libraries, pages, page layout, use of empty space, Gutenberg Block Editor, typography, fonts, color integration, comments, forums, community building, appearance, themes, customizing, widgets, menus, menu systems, mega menus, menu plugins, menu themes, menu widgets, menu fonts, mobile menus, sub menus, theme options, theme editors, plugins, users, profiles, rolls, tools, import, export, settings, writing, reading, discussion, permalinks, privacy, front end, back end, email management, chat scripts, icons, badges, avatars, page elements, headers, footers, bread crumbs, side bars, separators, archives, additional CSS, site identity, error pages, drop caps, tools, content structure, block navigation, text alignment, link placement, inserting, zip files, MySQL database maintenance, change log, styles, functions, blogs, framework, buddypress, buddypress groups, buddypress updates, buddypress customization, and much much more.

Operating Systems: IBM-OS-400. IBM Client Access 5250. DOS 3.0-6.2, , Citrix Winframe 1.6, Windows 3.0-WFW, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home & Professional, Windows 7 Pro and Home, Windows 10, Windows NT 3.5, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit, LINUX Red Hat, UBUNTU, Palm OS, Android 2.0-2.1., Macintosh OS 8 & 10.

Software: The following is a small sample of the various software programs I am proficient with: Microsoft Back Office, MS Office 360 Enterprise E3 Level, MS Office 2016, MS Office 2000, MS Excel 2016, MS Word 2016, MS Outlook 2016, One Note 2016, Java, One Drive, Drawboard PDF, Flipboard, Freshpaint, Get Skype, MS Word 97, MS Access 97, MS PowerPoint 97, MS Outlook 98, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 – 11.0, MS Front-page, Netscape Communicator, HP Jet-Admin, ARCserve 6.0, APC Powerchute, Adobe Photo-Shop 3.0 to 6.0, Dream Weaver, Ace HTML Pro, Attach Mate, Shiva Lan Rover, Touchstone PC-Cillin 3.0, Symantec Norton Utilities, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Compaq Restore Disk Utilities, Compaq Disk Array Utilities, Mcafee Anti-virus, Partit Partitioning Software, Ghost-Imaging Utility, 3-COM PCMCIA Software, Lotus AmiPro 2.0, Intuit Quicken 6, Intuit Quick-Books 2.0, Qmodem Pro for Dos & Windows, Banner Blue Family Tree Maker 2.0, WSFTP 7.0, Card Scan, MIRC, Net Zero, Paper Port, Pegasus Mail for Windows, Mitsumi CD-ROM & CDRW Drivers and Programs, Lotus 123, Supercalc, DBASE 3+, XARA 3D3 Font Software, Compaq Smart Start, Symantec Norton Desktop for Windows, V Communications System Commander 3.02 to 5.0, Symantec PC Anywhere, Ulead Video Studio, Video Pad Editor, Coffee Cup HTML Program, Ace HTML, Nova Backup, and many others. Open source: I am really into Freeware / Open Source Software and have stopped paying Microsoft and Google and Dell any and all monthly payments: Open Office, PHP Nuke, Joomla, WordPress, Astra, Sufussion, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, FileZilla, Chrome, Opera, Edge, GIMP, GIMP 2, IrfanView, MySql, NB GPS Master, and going.

Hardware: I have an extensive background and hands on experience with the following computer/network hardware and always adding more: IBM AS-400. Server farms. Dell Racks, Servers and Workstations. Compaq Racks, Servers, Workstations, and Tape Libraries. HP Net Servers, Gateway Workstations, Macintosh Workstations. Microsoft, Dell, Panasonic, Toshiba, Macintosh, and IBM Laptops. MS Tablets. Toshiba 2 in 1 Laptops. HP Laser Network Printers with Jet Direct Cards all sizes up to 8000 (they are big). HP Multi Function Machines, Brother MFC 4500 & 8500 Multi Function Machines, HP & Cannon & LexMark Ink Jet and Dot Matrix Printers. Panasonic Fax Machines. Epson Photo Printers & Epson Photo Scanners. Line Printers, Carbon Copy Printers, and many specialty printers used in the advertising industry. Bay Networks 5000N Hubs, Cabletron Switches & Hubs, Linksys Ethernet Routers, Belkin Routers, Adtran ASU/TSU Unit, CISCO Routers, fiber optic cable runs (UT/ST). APC Smart UPS, 3 Com Hubs, HP & Intel Print servers. Processors Installed: 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro 512K, Pentium II, Pentium IIII 2.66 HT, AMD XP 1.8Ghz, Intel Duo Quad Core, many ASUS Main Boards, Matsonic Main Boards, Intel Main Boards, Quad Processor main boards. Many Seagate, Western Digital, and Maxtor SATA hard disks up to 120 Gigs, now up to 1T, Intel Solid State drives. Floppy drives, Tape drives, External Drives, 1 Terabyte Samsung External Drives, Thumb Drives, Virtual Drives. Memory Installed: 16 pin, 32 pin, 64 pin, 128 pin, 512M DDR PC2700 RAM cards, GIG RAM cards, 2G RAM Cards, 128G Micro SD Cards. Iomega Zip drives, CD-ROM drives, CDRW drives, DVD & DVDRW drives. SCSI & PCI Drive Array Controllers, Raid 0, 1, & 5 Drive Arrays. External Modems, Internal Modems, Cable Modems, Terminal Adapters. 10 & 100 BT PCMCIA, VESA & PCI NICs, External & Integrated Video Cards, Sound Cards, SCSI cards, Ultra Wide SCSI devices, Scanners, Monitors, Dumb Terminals, CAT 3 & 5, twin-ax, co-ax, thick & thin with BNC, Buses: ISA, EISA, MCA, PCI, SATA. Fluke Network Diag Tool. Mice, Keyboards, Speakers, Digital Cameras including Canon 10D DSLR, Canon Digital Video Cameras, Security Systems (complete wiring, panels, and programming), Car Stereos, Ceiling Fans, Attic Fans, general 120V wiring, Radio Shack 101-Projects Kit, Panasonic D-Snap Digital Device, Olympus W-10 Voice Recorder, Digital Image Tanks, digital phones, etc. Many surge suppressors and UPCs. Home Audio Video systems including line conditioners, amplifiers, CD/DVD players, cable boxes, speakers, Surround Sound Systems, large LED TVs utilizing HDMI & Fiber Optics. Many cell phones and small devices.

Network Topologies: Ethernet Peer-to peer. Ethernet 10, 100, & 300BT Bus, Star, and Star Bus. Slight exposure to Token Ring utilizing DLC across co & twin ax cabling. Exposure to thick-net & thin-net, mostly migration to Ethernet. Fiber optics, have configured hardware for fiber optic cable runs into Cabletron switches on Dell Racks. Domains: Primary exposure to single domain environment but have studied the multiple domain and understand it.

Protocols: 2nd level TCP/IP installation and configuration, understanding of binary, sub-netting, and gateways. Installed and configured TCP/IP, NetBEUI, DLC, NWLINK and IPX/SPX hundreds of times. Have installed and configure WINS, DNS, and DHCP on my LAN and in Microsoft class. OSI Model: had it all memorized to pass NT Server & Net Essentials exams. Have used and understand the following utilities and files: LMHOSTS, HOSTS, ARP, ARP Cache, PING, TRACERT, FTP, TELNET, IPCONFIG, ROUTE, and others. Setting up and maintaining many types of wireless networks and devices.

Machinery: I have successfully accomplished a tremendous amount of work on the following for many years starting with some as early as age 5: Ford Diesel Tractors up to 9600 (we had 8 tractors at one time), Ford, John Deer & Alice Chalmer Combines (combines are extremely complicated), Large 2 Ton Trucks, Planters, Discs, Bottom Plows, Chisel Plows, Grain Bins, Large Grain Bin Augurs, Electric Motors up to 20HP, Winches, Chain Saws, Various Implements. Hydraulic Systems. Band Saws, Circular Saws, Miter Saws, Table Saws, Rip Saws, Drill Press, Wood Lathe, all types wood working hand tools. Arc-Tig-Mig Welding, Metal Lathe, Punch Press, Slip Roll, Shear, all types metal hand tools. Nuclear Powered Submarines. I also worked in a large machining shop in San Diego where I ran and operated Computer Numerically Controlled Milling Machines which was fun. I am also proficient in drafting and reading blue prints for sheet metal fabrication and also residential construction.

Work Experience

2019 to Present: CEO of R.E. White Consulting LLC –  Private consulting and concierge service for affluent and wealthy individuals and various businesses on a wide array of IT, event planning, real estate, business development, personal development, and expedited moving tasks, jobs, missions, and projects. The “Triple J Round Rock Ranch” – Owner / Operator – since 1937 the White family has been involved in agriculture in south Logan County as well as the town of Adairville and the surrounding area. Samuel Arthur White (Mr. Sam) my late grandfather helped bring modern day agriculture to western Kentucky, was a founding member of the agricultural extension in Russellville Ky with the Univerisity of Kentucky, taught Sunday School for 25 years in Adairville, and helped to teach veterans agriculture when they returned home from the war. We are in the process of restoring multiple structures with historic preservation in mind, starting an organic vegetable business on our land which we are very excited about, opening an animal rescue shelter for injured or abandoned farm animals and wild animals, relocating older abandoned smaller homes to the property for offices and vacation rentals, and of course a wedding venue in the “Big House”…one of the very last and oldest frontier historic homes in South Logan County built over 200 years ago by settlers who “carved it from the wilderness”. If you would like a tour of The Triple J Round Rock Ranch (free of charge) please reach out to my assistant Jennifer and she will be more than happy to schedule it for you as time permits. As a team we also help maintain Shangri La located on Kirby Road, a 20 acre mini farm that has been in the family for many decades, the resident mascot beloved mule Schwarzkopf enjoys his apples and visiting his naaaaighbors during his escapades. We also help maintain various rental properties in other locations and work with tenants both on and off the ranches.

12-1999 to 02-2000 Starr Technologies Consulting Firm (Now Critical IT Solutions), Menlo Park Ca. The Mayfield Fund (Venture Capital), Network, Server, Desktop, and Blackberry Support. Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley during the Dot Com Boom was an amazing place to be. My time at Mayfield was a turning point in my life, it was there that I met and worked as support for Yogen Dalal who was a member of the original Star and Ethernet development teams at PARC Xerox (here he is honored at The Ethernet Lobby along with Len Shustek, John Shoch, Robert Garner, and Ron Crane), and while at Stanford University in 1974 a co-author of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification, it is the primary communications protocol that the Internet is built on today. I also supported Robin Vasan & Kevin Fong there, Robin has been the founder and or key member of many very successful startups in Silicon Valley and Kevin was managing partner at that time and is very influential in the valley and IT industry. I also worked in the partners homes which required a great deal of trust as you might imagine. All the partners at Mayfield and their support team treated me like one of the family and the astonishing daily lunches with them were just fascinating. From Wikipedia: Mayfield Fund is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the US, focusing on early-stage to growth-stage investments in enterprise & consumer technology companies.[2] The Firm also invests in India through dedicated funds. The firm was founded in 1969 by Thomas J. Davis, Jr. Since inception, the firm has raised over $3.9 billion of investor commitments across 17 private equity fund families. Since 1969, the Firm has invested in over 520 companies, resulting in over 114 IPOs and more than 160 mergers and acquisitions. The firm is headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California and was one of the earliest venture capital firms to locate in Silicon Valley. The firm’s most notable investments include Compaq, Silicon Graphics, 3COM, Amgen, Genentech, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Sandisk, Legato Software, Citrix, PlayFirst, Advent Software, Vantive, Pure Software, Nuance, Tibco, webMethods, Peribit, Redback Networks, Concur Technologies, 3Par, Marketo, Solarcity, Qunar, StorSimple, and Zenprise.

08-1999 to 05-2000 – TEK Systems Consulting Firm, Santa Clara CA. Numerical Technologies (phase shifting optical corrections technologies for wafers and chips), Senior Desktop Support Engineer. My interview for Numerical, believe it or not, was installing a hard drive in a server in the floor right at the feet of the two engineers who hired me on the spot. They took me on a tour and told me I could lay my hands on every machine in the building EXCEPT for one, I would find out later as to why. Assigned duty as first point of contact for all IT issues corporate wide. We moved the whole company from a small cluster of offices into a 45,000 square foot facility with a nice server room. The entire backbone had to be moved including 18 servers, all the workstations, and all the printers. I wired the massive patch panel myself and was in charge of the software library as well. The new facility had a special locked room for the SUN Sparc Servers (with a great big window) which was way cool, it required special access to go in there. Install and support MSO2000, MSO97, MSW98, MSWNT, MSOutlook98 Support 150 users: Install and configure NT 4.0 Workstations, HP 8000 Printers, IBM Laptops and various hardware. The entire company, and the data on that one machine I was told not to touch, was sold to Synopsys 3 years after I left for about $250,000,000.00. I met my good friend there, Danielle Mattsson from Sweden.

10-98 to 1-99 Metro Information Services Brentwood, TN. Site Project Manager / Network Engineer / Trainer Bridgestone/Firestone B2000 Nationwide contract doing NT LAN rollouts for new WAN infrastructure. Orchestrate entire site rollout, coordinate contractors, conference calls. Install and configure NT 4.0 servers and workstations in English and some Japanese. Train users and administrators on NT 4.0, MSO97, ARCserve, Powerchute, Attachmate. Worked with Adtran ASU/TSU, Cisco Routers, Cabletron switches, install and configure fiber connectivity. Also installed HP Jet Direct Laser printers utilizing TCP/IP.

1-98 to 7-98 Integrated Technology Solutions Nashville, TN.(Closed) Contracted Network Engineer / Trainer United Methodist Churches General Board Of Discipleship (National Headquarters) – Nashville TN. This was a large project that included many highly qualified individuals some certified by Compaq. Build, configure, & rack mount Compaq 5500, 6500, & 7000 servers. Maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot Citrix Winframe & NT 4.0 servers. Hardware upgrade client side 486DX4-100s to support Winframe Client. Train entire IT department on NT 4.0 workstation and install and configure new Compaq machines for each office.

1-97 to 7-98 Integrated Technology Solutions Nashville, TN. Network Engineer / Project Liaison The Buntin Group – Nashville TN. ITS helped build, and install a “bunker” server room in the building consisting of 4” of concrete all the way around, a raised floor system, a fire suppression system, and a very strong steel door. Assist in maintaining, supporting, and administrating an IBM AS/400 mid frame computer, act as liaison with Vars. resellers, and companies. Work closely with users and department heads on various projects (including the CEO and owner Mr. Buntin) including upgrades both software and hardware. Maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot Citrix Winframe & NT 4.0 servers. Support all software & hardware for 40 Win 95 & 3.1 workstations. Train IT department on departure as they transitioned from a MAC based network to a PC based network. Troubleshoot and maintain a variety of very complicated printers used in the advertising industry.It was at Buntin that I passed the Microsoft Exams and became certified.

7-97 to 11-97 Integrated Technology Solutions Nashville, TN. Site Project Manager / Network Engineer / Trainer HBOC (Now McKesson) – Nationwide rollouts installing & configuring NT 4.0 LANs for orthopedic & cardiovascular surgeons & general practitioners. Some of this project included removing old network systems and upgrading to Ethernet. Upgrade 486 machines to current hardware requirements. Conduct training sessions for clients & give in depth technical support. Coordinate conference calls, work with electricians, generate detailed evaluation lists, and create site notes and reports.

1996-1997 Circuit City Stores Brentwood, TN. Senior SOHO Sales Consultant Independently had computer sales in excess of $1,000,000.00 annually with sustained ESP (Extended Service Plan) sales of 14% and almost 0% returns. Top salesman in SOHO department for entire tenure. Attend training at Southern Divisional Headquarters in Atlanta and scored first in class (out of 30) on a battery of five, 50 question exams (94% average score). I was the first person to have ever scored 100% on the entrance exam.

1991-1992 Comdata Corporation Brentwood, TN. TSR Supervisor Monitor and evaluate incoming calls between TSRs and clients. Tracked lost funds in the system (on microfiche) for owners and drivers, resolve discrepancies. Research lost funds and transactions within the system, offer possible solutions. Address customer complaints and document necessary information.

1971 to 2000. J & J Farms Inc. Logan County Kentucky. Family owned and operated since 1938 VP / Property Manager / Owner. Obtained and managed operating loans, contracts, and agreements. Maintained and operated properties and large scale crop production on 4 farms including 1,500 acres of land. Planned and executed construction, purchase, renovation, and sales of investment properties. Constructed and maintained financial plans and operations. Worked in conjunction with Department of Forestry on timber tracks.

1987 to Present – United States Navy PDRL – Divisional Damage Control Second Class Petty Officer Retired (with full honors, benefits, medical coverage, veterans hospital coverage, base privileges (including on base living if desired), camping and RV living, educational benefits, travel benefits, nursing home benefits, and much more) – Chattanooga TN, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA, Bangor ME, Honolulu HI, Adak AK, Memphis TN. MEPS Knoxville TN, NTC San Diego Boot Camp, NTC Treasure Island San Francisco Bay. Advanced to Company 219 Squad Leader, Graduated boot camp as E3 from E0, Graduated DC “A” School in top 10% of class awarded “Dream Sheet” to go anywhere in the world and advanced to E4, Advanced to Petty Officer 2nd Class (5 pay grades in 18 months) on board The USS Dixon AS-37 Nuclear Submarine Tender, Volunteer Certified Radiation Worker on board Nuclear Powered Submarines, Certified Rescue and Assistance Detail Scene Leader, Certified Petty Officer of the Watch with Side Arm, “SQUIP” Certified Sheet Metal Engineer, Certified Reaction Force Member, Certified 3-M Maintenance Person, Postal Service Mail Carrier, Crane Crew Member. 32nd Street Navy Base Computer Operator. Classified Security Clearance.

1986-1988 Defor Development, Terry Lowman Builders , Chattanooga, TN. Manuel Laborer / Framer / Trim Carpenter / Plumbers Helper Framer on 4,000 + sq. foot homes, build walls, headers, floor systems from blue prints. Trim out condominiums: closets, windows, doors, base mold, crown mold. Run copper and PVC for homes, set toilets, vanities, showers, tubs. Assist back-hoe operators with service line installs and digs. General construction labor on commercial buildings.

Technical Training

1997-1998 Athena Computer Learning Center Nashville, TN. Microsoft Authorized Classes Attended: 1997 Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 1997 Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies. 1999 Internetworking MS TCP/IP on MS NT 4.0 1999 Supporting MS NT 4.0 Enterprise Technologies. Microsoft Authorized Exams Successfully Completed: Exam # 70-058 Networking Essentials 10-27-97. Exam # 70-067 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 5-19-98. Note: the Microsoft exams were the most difficult I have ever sat for, at the time almost all the people sitting were engineers and the fail rate was over 70% so yes they are very difficult indeed.

1989 Military Radiation Worker School, USS Dixon AS-37, San Diego CA. (now decommissioned and at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean off of South Carolina). This was extremely complicated but I did complete it, we were trained to clean up reactor cooling water spills. Navy SQUIP will go here at a later time. Navy Surface Warfare Qualifications 1/2 Completion will go here at a later time.


2016 – Belmont University, Nashville, TN. Sent on the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Information Systems with Professor Bryon Balint Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University, Industrial Administration (Information Systems) ), and the other in Principles of Micro Economics with Adam Fulton. I had an A in IS and a B in Economics after the first three exams or so, two of the exams in IS were perfect scores. One of my dreams is to complete college, I am the only one in my family without a degree, my son graduated with his BS in Political Science and Economics. I am currently communicating with Harvard University and hope to be enrolled in 2021, or possibly enter MIT.

1991-1992 Belmont University, Nashville, TN. Work on Computer Science degree, approx. 80 hours completed, then became certified by Microsoft.

1988-1989 San Diego City College – Mesa College San Diego, CA. Begin BS in Computer Science with transfer to UCSD after two years, I did take a few classes with UC San Diego on base I believe.

1988 Military Damage Control “A” School, United States Naval Center Treasure Island San Francisco CA. (now decommissioned and closed).

1987 Military “Boot Camp”, United States Naval Training Center/Recruit Training Command, San Diego CA. (now decommissioned and is named Liberty Station)

1985-1986 Southern College (Private) Collegedale TN. General education core. I entered military service while in school at Southern University.

1984-1985 Hopkinsville Community College Hopkinsville, KY. General education core. I took classes here and was working.

1980-1983 Private Boarding School, NC. General college preparatory classes. I excelled very much so at private school and it was one of the most thrilling times of my life.

1979 Hopkinsville High School, Hopkinsville KY. I was there for one semester. General college preparatory classes.

Volunteer Work

2014 – Volunteer work at the Nashville VA Hospital. I spent one month “pushing” patients to various clinics, in wheel chairs and on gurneys. It was a great experience and I may go back and do more at a later date.

2001 May – December, Currently still doing work with homeless veterans, approx 10 hours per week. Also giving free computer consulting to a young man from Ethiopia. Working with various street people in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, buying meals, spending time, talking, etc. Started doing free financial consulting with families. Currently doing phone follow up calls with people in California, getting ready to start volunteering at a hospital in Nashville.

2001 March – April, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital; go onto board and care facilities to spend time with disabled homeless veterans. What I gave; approximately 80 hours of my time. What I received; friendships that will last a lifetime with many strong, courageous, men who served their country. Note: we lost one man, Peter died alone sitting in a chair in his room, he was such a kind person, I will never forget him.

1997 YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) Assisted in installation and building of new Local Area Computer Network. What I gave; many hours of my time and technical skills. What I received; smiles and warm comments from the people who work there.

1992-1994 Did countless hours of free work for various elderly people around Kentucky. Mow yards, clean gutters, wash windows, trim bushes, etc.

1975; Cross age tutoring for younger students at Booker T. Washington Middle School, assisted in various academic learning skills. What I gave; many hours of my time. What I received; an award from the principle and many smiles and warm comments from the students.

1986 Big Brothers – Big Sisters; was big brother for inner city child. What I gave; a few hours of my time. What I received: the knowledge that perhaps I helped make a difference.

1982 Private Boarding School; worked with the physical education department in assisting to motivate and help train other students in outdoor activities and education. What I gave; many hours of my time and lots of sweat. What I received; good friends for a lifetime & the first annual Valley Ventures Award.


Diplomas, Awards, Money, Scholarships, Trophies, Certificates, Medals, Ribbons, Pins, Advancements, Citations, Promotions, Agreements, and more. There are many awards not listed here due to privacy laws, non disclosure agreements, etc.

2015 – Clearwater Community Sailing Center Entry Level Skipper Certified Clearwater FL.

2014 – Percy Priest Yacht Club Ensign Level Skipper Certified Retired, Nashville TN.

2003 – VA Priority Group 1 (out of 8 with 1 being the highest), Service Connection x 3, Permanent & Total (for life), Full Lifetime Medical Care, US Department of Veterans Affairs. Released and Approved For Full Time Public Employment.

1999 – Navy Certificate of Recognition, Cold War Service Veteran, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield.

1997 – Certificate of Excellence, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Corporation, CEO Bill Gates.

1996 – Certificate of Completion, Valedictorian, Sales Training School, Circuit City Corporation, President Richard L. Sharp.

1995 – Navy Certificate of Retirement, Service In The United States Navy, Vice Admiral, Frank L Bowman.

1995 – Navy Certificate of Appreciation, Faithful Duty To The United States, Commander in Chief, President Bill Clinton.

1993 – Advanced to Telephone Service Rep Supervisor, Comdata Corporation, Team Leader, Brentwood TN.

1992 – Lapel Pin, Award for Length of Continuous Service, Comdata Corporation, Brentwood TN.

1991 – Advanced to Vice President, J & J Farms Incorporated, Jo Ann White.

1990 – Navy Certificate of Appointment, Second Class Petty Officer, Captain Charles Beers Jr, USS Dixon AS-37.

1989 – Navy Advancement To Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer for R1 Division, Ensign, L.H. Benton, USS Dixon AS-37.

1989 – Navy Battle “E” Ribbon, Battle Readiness For The Pacific Fleet, Secretary of the Navy, USS Dixon AS-37.

1989 – Navy Certificate of Citation, Captain, W.L. Norris.

1989 – Navy Navy Repair “R” Award, Repair & Maintenance of Nuclear Powered Submarines, Secretary of the Navy, USS Dixon AS-37.

1989 – Navy Divisional ” Atta Boy” Letter, Ship Alt, Ensign, L.H. Benton, USS Dixon AS-37.

1988 – Navy Ribbon, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Massive Sea Storm Survival & Damage Cleanup, USS Dixon AS-37, Secretary of the Navy.

1988 – Navy SQUIP Certificate of Completion, Sheet Metal Worker, Naval Sea Systems Command, USS Dixon AS-37.

1988 – Navy Certificate of Appointment, Third Class Petty Officer, Captain R.N. Lee, USS Dixon AS-37.

1988 – Navy “Dream Sheet” To Any Duty Station In The World, Top 10% Of Class, Damage Control “A” School, Commander D.S. Harrison-Brown, Treasure Island.

1988 – Navy Certificate of Merit, Scholastic Top 10% Of Class Damage Control “A” School, Commander D.S. Harrison-Brown, Treasure Island.

1987 – Navy “Boot Camp” Company Squad Leader, Company Commander, Petty Officer 1 Bright, Naval Training Center San Diego.

1983 – Diploma & Early Graduation, Scholastic, High School, President, North Carolina.

1983 – Honors Medal, Scholastic Achievement,  High School, President, North Carolina.

1982 – Trophy, 1st Valley Ventures Award For Outstanding Leadership In Outdoor Education, High School, President, North Carolina.

1981 – $1,000.00 Scholarship, Scholastic Achievement, High School, President, North Carolina.

1978 – Certificate of Excellence, Industrial Arts Word Working Class, Principle Ida Prather, Clyde F. Lile, Hopkinsville Kentucky.

1976 – Certificate of Appreciation, Cross Age Tutoring, Booker T Washington Middle School, Principle Clyde F. Lile, Hopkinsville Kentucky.

1975 – Various Awards & Ribbons For Athletic “Field” Day, Middle School, Hopkinsville Kentucky.

1975 – Trophy, 1st Place Winner, Pole Position Video Competition, Family Hub Center, Hopkinsville Kentucky.

1974 – Monetary Award, 3rd Place Winner, Magic Contest At Kaintuck Territory, Association of Magicians Including The Late Colonel Bill Boley.

1970 – Diploma – Bachelor Of Rhymes – Midtown Child Care Center, Hopkinsville KY.