Managed Services Overview


You Are In Charge, We Work For You

Our team at R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. is deeply committed to providing services that coincide with our corporate culture, ethos, and founding principles. We are a managed services company. Information Technology drives everything we do. Our goal is to lift you out of debt, and assist you and your team with managing your business, estate, or personal life, especially if you are already financially successful. We offer services in five major categories: Information Technology (IT), Business Development, Event Planning and Seminars, Real Estate and Maintenance, and Personal Development, including Mathematics Tutoring, we heavily promote STEM as much as possible.

Information Technology

Our business development team can build and host a website for your new or existing firm. At R.E. White, we are very STEM and IT oriented, and believe that every business benefits from its own web page, not just social networking pages. The ideal is to grow your company and pay off loans, always maintain a cash heavy position across the entire portfolio, build reserves for that rainy day or unexpected expense, and invest then reinvest. We advocate for a broad portfolio, even including some potentially extremely lucrative cryptocurrency.

Event Planning

Concierge services and estate assistance are available and delivered with your utmost comfort and safety in mind. The mistreatment of anyone for profit, especially the elderly, is unacceptable. Your estate and business are extremely important to you, and we understand that. We constantly seek to network with new clients. We under promise and over deliver. We invest in the people in the communities we serve.

Real Estate

Slowing down to relax is important for health and fitness, which are paramount for an optimal lifestyle. When you run your own business, you have the opportunity to set your own schedule. This can facilitate more opportunities for travel. And we can help you book your vacations. If you work in IT for example, you can take your laptop with you, and accomplish work at your leisure, if necessary. And face-to-face Zoom sessions are very productive, especially for consulting.

Business Development

Cornerstones of our company also include courage, humility, and neatness. One of many old principles, which really does work, is waste not, want not, literally the less we waste the less we want. Becoming overextended and taking on too many customers at once is out of the question. Teamwork and transparency guide us. Mr. White our CEO and sole owner is full of vigor and is not afraid to try something new if he can readily become proficient.

Personal Development

Our efforts at R.E. White Consulting act out of love for God and Jesus Christ as well as our fellow man. We tithe 10%. However, we are also happy to work with people from all walks of life who develop fair, honest business relationships. We seek structure and efficiency with our clients. We maximize our time as contractors. Just because a contract is completed doesn’t mean we can’t be hired back. Kindness, respect for others, and personability are principles our team members strive for. We aspire to operate within our corporate ethos to maintain a satisfied, successful clientele. Call or text 270-847-2955 sir or ma’am, thank you kindly!

Disclaimer: R.E. White Consulting LLC does NOT give financial advise, we offer work and services, we only educate about finances, please consult with a financial expert in regards to your own decisions.