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Welcome to R.E. White Consulting! We are a United States Military Honorably Retired Veteran owned & Christian oriented concierge business. Have you ever encountered three (or worse 5) different companies when you thought you were just dealing with one? Frustrating, a little, right? Right! We don’t want you, our amazing potential client, nor any of our tenants, business partners, team members and consultants, or site visitors to ever experience this. R.E. White Consulting is simple, we are one business, with one owner, and five “divisions of service”: Information Technology, Motivational Speaking & Seminars, Real Estate & Moving, Business Development, and Personal Development. A well organized, thoughtful, professional website is the front door to your business, we welcome you today ma’am or sir, inside of ours! Allow us to show you exceptional world class service that redefines what opulence truly is…

A Legacy Of Leadership, Planning, & Guidance Since 1780

Marc W White USN-RET & CEO with Dave Ramsey of The Lampo Group

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Thinking of joining? Only 21,000,000 bitcoins will ever be mined from the blockchain, the last coins will be mined around 2140 or 117 years from now. Already approximately 4,000,000 bitcoins have been lost out of the 19,000,000 in circulation. There are 2,027 “bitcoin whales” holding over 1,000 coins each, and a potential 2.1 quadrillion “satoshi (partial bitcoins) holders“. The maximum number of people possibly holding 1 full bitcoin is estimated to be between 400,000 and 800,000. Earth’s adult population as of 02-26-2023 is 6,019, 007,647 people. So, 600,000 people is 0.0099% of the adult population or about 1 in every 10,000 people. In other words, a city the size of Nashville TN has an adult population of 554,069, the potential members of The 21 Million Club would be about 55 people. Anyone who holds at least 1 full bitcoin is a member of “The 21 Million Club”, an extremely ultra exclusive group of entrepreneurs & investors. Come join us, invest in bitcoin today!

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Within our divisions, we offer a large wide array, of simple, as well as highly technical services, some of which utilize their own names, sort of “sub businesses”, because when it comes to advertising we only sell one idea at a time. As an example, inside our Real Estate & Moving Division we have Lifted Moving Services, and so on and so forth! Neat hu? We think so, and our massive continued success impresses everyone! R.E. White Consulting is the “umbrella” which covers all we do, the main platform and website, a central hub, and we know our services will be of great benefit to your team, family, business, or company so call or text 270-847-2955 today! Like the content and photos on this site? GREAT! We offer world class content creation also! Let us focus on the work, you focus on your business. Thank you so much sir or ma’am!

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Hello and good day! Today is Saturday, March the 4th, 2023, and our totally awesome website is currently being developed, live, right here before your very eyes! Follow along, we invite you, and hopefully you will pick up some new tips and tricks for your own business, online community, or personal website. Need some help? A little hand holding? That’s what we do! Text 270-847-2955 and let’s get started on your project! Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, so don’t squander it, give to those less fortunate, work for God’s Mighty Kingdom! You come here for guidance, we get that, so clock the blog at “Insider News”, and check back often! Jesus Christ is Lord, He is the ultimate high class concierge provider, always meek humble and kind, the Lamb, the truth, the way, and the light!

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Ask most business owners, “where is your website?” Typically puzzled looks is what we receive. Here at R.E. Consulting we believe in full disclosure and transparency, to that end we work diligently to educate our incredible clients. This website is stored, hosted, and served to you from R.E. White Consulting’s Information Technology Division’s blazing fast and totally awesome “MuleShed Website Hosting” in The Google Cloud Platform, at the $5B Google Data Center Council Bluffs Iowa, in zone us-central-1a. R.E. White Consulting believes in starting at home first, help put Americans back to work, host your next website & training session with MuleShed Website Hosting. Allow us to demystify cloud computing, and set your company or organization on the path to real world collaboration!