Happy Sabbath Day, May Yahweh Bless You & Your Family

By Lay Pastor Marc William White 01-21-23 9:25 AM CST USA

Good morning, happy Sabbath brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ! Welcome to Yahweh Adventist Ministries!! We have secured all three domain names, www.yahwehadventistministries.com , .net , and .org , so be on the lookout for these sites to come online any day now. We hope you are taking a rest today, comforted by the Holy Spirit mighty Yahweh sends. Many allow “the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things, to choke the word” of Yahweh, and they basically never read the Holy Bible, so today, why not slow down, take 24 hours off, rest, read and learn the almighty words of our Father Yahweh, and allow some of the cares to slip by, and relax. All batteries need recharging, the human body is no different, take care of yourself, then in turn we can take better care of those around us.

Again, Happy Sabbath!!!! Yahweh bless you, continually, all day every day, may He bless you as you do His will and work, and not your own! In the name of Yahweh we REBUKE Lucifer, the father of all lies, and we REBUKE all workers of lies, hate, anger, murder, rape, greed, slothfulness, sin, destruction, harm, and selfishness!! AMEN!!

Have a Happy Sabbath!

Marc William White 270-847-2955

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