Good morning!! Hello and good day!! What a glorious day of life The Lord has made, and we are working for His Mighty Kingdom first and foremost!! As In my usual fashion I like to include the time, date, and my location as I create and write, for prosperities sake, ha! Today is Monday, a work day, the 2nd day of the week, 04-08-2024, the time is 11:48 AM CST USA, and I am currently located in Adairville A.K.A. “Dirtville”, the Land of Logan, in the great state of Kentucky!! Unlike downtown Nashville Tn, we are basically surrounded by farms and ranches here, and farm land, a whole lot of dirt indeed!! I like dirt, it comes in handy…

Ahhhh, allow me to get settled in here to my comfy $500.00 Razor Gaming Chair, initially I thought it would be “too hard”, the seat in this chair, but it has worked out great, I don’t need a pillow under it, and over time it is slowly becoming a bit softer. The chair looks like this: but I can’t recall the exact model in this instant. My morning coffee, of which is not too strong, and there is no sugar, is about gone because I wrote and email to my “List” this AM, the official title of that email list and the group of people who receive them is “This Fighters Life Email List”, there are nearly 20 on it.

I love reading!!! It’s true, I adore the written word, it’s so powerful, I have always believed in “the pen is mightier than the sword”, because without a good battle plan, warriors will run into the fight or battle and simply hack each other to death, instead of keeping the chosen and planned strategy and tactics in mind. Generals, commanders, and leaders are also needed in war and conflict. In other words, we need to be as organized as possible, this is part of the service we offer to our many extremely wealthy clients at Lifted Moving Services, some even hire us to do only organizing, and they like it!!! Sword or pen? I take the pen first!!

The Holy Bible says, Matthew 26:52, King James Version “Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Part of the trouble is, about 50% of ALL Americans now say “God is optional”, that we really don’t NEED Him, this is so sad and wrong, and about 50% also don’t belong to a place of worship, a church, nor a synagogue. Jesus Christ is the way, He is the truth, He is the light, He is the life, and He is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, we come to Father God Abba Yahweh through Jesus and He alone!! Jesus loves you, and we all need love.

What is “happiness”? Ask 100 people, we receive 100 different answers I am sure. Hmmm, let me think about what it is I wish to say next. Happiness seems to be a “feeling” or an “emotion” and if we look the word up, we may discover this. Is happiness a principle? What is a principle? In The 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, we learn that principles are things that work, every single time, like gravity, they area always on, they never fail, he also calls them “principles of natural law”. An example would be going for a walk outside, it’s good for us, it helps us, it always works, it is a principle, fresh air, simple!!

Wait a second Marc!! Sometimes people are sick, and they may not feel like going for a walk in the park or a ride there, right? Well, of course, right!! I see what you mean, but the overall general principle is we are human beings and made to move, it helps the circulation in our bodies, fresh air repairs the lungs and keeps them clean. There are special instances where going to the park could harm rather than help, but these are more rare and not the norm. A child could be terrified left alone in a park without their mother or father, and an elderly person may also feel to vulnerable there without medical support. I think you get the idea.

Does Jesus Christ have a place in the “business world”? Should we have a likeness of Jesus plastered on the walls of a corporate work space? Well, I think we should but many people might disagree. We also need to remember, even though the Holy Bible says to pray without ceasing, it says many other things, one of which is that we are called to work, and yes many times work for money, or with money, or on a team of people who create money. Finances and money, along with business, comes up again and again and again when people discuss success, happiness, fulfilment, family, love, joy, safety, homes, and so much much more.

To me, and for me, happiness is a state of mind, it’s an emotion, and certainly a feeling, and unlike “principles of natural law” as Covey discusses, it is subject to change, and perhaps sometimes a lot of change. So, is it reliable? No, not so much, not as much as a principle and or a principle of natural law. Can we be happy with “nothing”, by owning nothing, no home, renting no apartment, no car or car lease or transportation, no clothing and or no new clothing, no education or access to it, no computers or phone, no trips to the grocery store or hair salon or nail salon, no vacations, no furniture, no boats, etc.? This is a good question!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we live in a “fallen world”, everything here dies, eventually, including all of us, and all the animals and plants. Lucifer is here, the fallen angel of darkness and death and depression, and the Holy Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil”, which is a very big bold statement to make!! It says we can fall into a “trap” if we don’t keep our wants, our desires, and our greed in check, this is really great advice from The Good Book, but hey, if you never read it then you will never really know or care, right? Right! I recommend you read it, read it some more, read it again, and keep on reading it…that way you know it.

Principles are what works, again, like gravity, and they will always bring us untold happiness and joy, if we put in the work, sort of like running a mile in 7:30, you probably can’t do that today, but with enough training you can, I know because I have done it many times!!! Trust me, a 7:30 mile is impressive, I recently met someone who runs a 12:30 mile, they were impressed by my time, and rightfully so. What is at the center? The center Covey talks about, is it happiness or the principles which bring happiness? He says many people are too centered in self, money, work, family, church, etc., and he is very very right about this.

I like money, I have never loved it, no way, it’s just not healthy or wise to tell ourselves we love money, there is so much more to life, and wise men know, “the best things in life are free”. Yes, my life is much easier than many, because I “come from money”, I.E. inherited wealth. I have always received money and financial support from my family, my inheritances started in 1991 when my late grandfather Sam passed away, and I have received 2 large inheritances and will receive 1 more. Its a tradition in my family on my Mother Jo Ann’s side, to leave inheritances for the next generation, and I will do this also for my children one day.

Ate age 4 I decided to start planning for my retirement as I mention often now, when I entered my teens I discovered military pensions and retirement, specifically from older men who had served in the armed forces and were retired with plenty of money and assets. Today, I am a United States Navy Damage Control Petty Officer Second Class Honorably Retired Veteran, and I receive many very very lucrative and important benefits, because I was willing to give my life to America and risk losing it in a war or combat. Where there is no risk there is little to no gain, “we must place our bets and bear the consequences”, indeed we do!!

Along with being a US Navy Retired Veteran, I am also a 100% Disabled American Veteran, very high up in the Department of Veterans Affairs and system, I am many many other things as well, these help bring me and sort of “make me” feel so much joy and happiness, they truly do!! I am a dad and my child and being a dad means so much to me, I look forward to having even more children one day. Everything I own currently is paid for, all of my properties and land and timber, houses and apartments, cash savings and crypto currency, stocks and precious metals and rare collectables, automobiles and machinery, all of my health care, every last bit is paid for, I have zero debt.

We live only 40 minutes from the James Robertson Parkway off ramp in downtown Nashville, not very far at all, and now we are seeing our property values increase greatly because people are moving up this way and out in every direction away from Nashville as the city grows and expands. I can get to downtown Nashville anytime I want really, even the rush hour is not so bad, and certainly not when compared to very large metro areas. I am my own boss, I get to make the rules, I am self employed, nobody can fire me, and R.E. White Consulting is nothing short of a tremendous success!!! We provide a lot of work and services for so many incredible people, contractors, tenants, web hosting clients, team members, and many more.

What am I worth? What are YOU worth? What is net worth? Net worth means paying off all your debts then selling everything you own, what is left over is your net worth. As a human being, Ralph Waldo Emerson says we are “living property”, we can be cultivated, we can learn, we are special, we are different from material property, and I totally agree. A human life has no monetary value, it is priceless, no dollar amount can be placed on a living soul, we all matter, and matter very very much indeed!!! Society lies to us a lot, it says sometimes, what you or I own, THAT is what matters most, but don’t fall for it, your heart matters most.

We live in a male dominated world, men are bigger and stronger and much more competitive, I find it is quite easy for me as a man to make and get and save money, investing is also easy, if we work on it. Would I “feel like” a failure if I had nothing, maybe, sure, I might, but I never think about that much, I am usually preoccupied with working some more, this is part of the beauty of work, but we need to be smart about it, and make wise choices and investments, otherwise, as Covey says, we may find later in life that our “ladder of success was leaning on the wrong wall” all along, and nobody will enjoy that experience if we do. People matter much more than money.

I saw a sign recently, it said, “Happiness is positive cash flow”, HAHAHA, that is not entirely true, happiness is much more about maintenance, about the human heart, about free things and experiences, and beautiful sunsets or sunrises. Happiness is created by giving and not by taking, for every dollar we give away we receive between 10 and 100 back to us, my late grandmother Lucille taught me this. So, if YOU don’t have enough money, then give more away, LOLOL!!! Do you have a scarcity mentality? Oh my, now that is a big problem. Instead work on cultivating the abundance mentality, this is much smarter. Money flows where money is, and so does happiness, like a magnet, it works every single time, like a principle!!

‘Did you have a nice day?”, “Everyone has a bad day sometimes!”, “its a special day”, I tend to go with the latter, every single day can and should be better than the one before, I mean why not! HAHA!! Did you put in enough work yesterday, in order to feel good today and have an awesome day??!! Great question! Look, if you need to be entertained 24 hours a day, and inner peace still eludes you, then you simply don’t invest enough time and energy into self care, it is the foundation of the happy mind, heart, and soul!! Affection increases the intellect, if you aren’t affectionate, then odds are you are unhappy, and still can’t quite figure out situations, events, circumstances, relationships, business, and people.

I can say, and no, not “to be honest with you”, because the echo chamber is filled with lifeless, unhappy, robotic, chronically bored people, many of which are women, that today IS the absolute best day of my life!!!! Each and every day for me is better than the one before, because I surround myself with happy, fun loving, easy going, genuine, successful kind people who understand me and support me. I take VERY good care of Marc William White USN-RET!! I in turn and good fashion try to support them also. Happiness comes from the inside, not from the outside, if we search for it anywhere but in ourselves, we will always come up very very short, and wanting more.

A good long deep nights sleep, a lot of fresh clean water, tons of healthy fresh colorful crisp veggies and fruits, daily vigorous muscle building exercise, enough sunlight each day with about 1 hour minimum, having an even temperament and not blaming or complaining, building trust with those around us and giving to others, staying sober from alcohol and tobacco, never using any sort of illicit street drugs, not taking too much medication from doctors, being mindful of what we put into our bodies, living on much less than we actually make, saving and investing money, being kind to others always, taking time to help the elderly and the sick, not being in a rush or a hurry, remembering to not get too hungry angry lonely or tired, driving our vehicles with respect and legally, attending a church and support group meetings, and prayer and meditation, these will all go a very long way to promoting much happiness in your life, I guarantee it!!!

Hope this helps, with totally happy smiles, nice big warm supportive cyber hugs, and all blessings from above…and from here in Adairville Kentucky, we hope you truly are happy, and have a wonderful evening with health, family, and friends! Life is AMAZING!!! Life is so good!!! Life is fun!!! Life is a blessing!!! Life is sooooooo GREAT!!!! I don’t think any man has ever been more happy than I am today, in this very moment, total and complete happiness!!! I don’t need a fix, it has already been fixed, haha, keep your chin up, and put in work, lol!!!! Peace,

Respectfully and kindly,

Marc William White USN-RET