Failure Is Part Of Success – The Motivation To Move Forward

By Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO

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10-13-21 Franklin Tennessee 2:22 PM CST

Rumor on the bricks is, the property I am sitting in as I create this blog post, cost about $20,000,000.00 but I can neither confirm nor deny its true, it did not come cheap by any means. Whoever built it, knows a thing or two about success, especially with money, and so do we, here at R.E. White Consulting LLC. Michael Jordon, the famous basketball player, did a commercial years ago, he was talking about his failures, how many there had been, but eventually, with enough effort, the right habits, surrounding himself with a team, and a whole lot of practice…he found great success.

My new, amazing, beautiful wife, Jennifer, told me the other day, “you like to give ultimatums”, but I prefer to look at them as deadlines, goals, projects, commitments, and forward momentum. I love sayings, sort of collect them in my head, probably thousands swirling around up there, and I always liked “take a dump or get off the pot”. This held particularly true at my late grandfather’s house during the holidays, Mr. Sam was extremely practical, we only had one bathroom, if you didn’t want to wait in line (yes we would knock on the door), you were welcomed to take some paper and head to the woods, hahaha.

At Lifted Moving Services, one of our businesses under the R.E. White Consulting LLC umbrella, we move a lot of furniture and things, when we arrive on site, the clients typically aren’t very happy if we just stand around, they want us to go, get it done, move something, check it off the list, then move something else, until the move is totally completed. People love seeing progress in life for the most part, if you find yourself sitting around all day, this is the place to be, we can and will get you highly motivated, question is, are you WILLING to put in the work required? Maybe you just aren’t hungry enough, you need to want it!!

Today, as I was checking out at a local book store with my fresh new copy of Uncle G’s (Grant Cardone) “The 10X Rule”, I started chatting up someone standing there, when I told them I was working on one of my goals for the year, running the mile in under 7 minutes, and did it in 7:45 a couple of weeks ago, their face sort of twisted and contorted with pain and agony…LOLOL!!! This article from says the average time for a man my age, 56, in the mile is 12:08, so we do some simple math, 12:08 – 7:45 = 4 minutes and 23 seconds. The first half of that mile was in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

If you want to move your entire body, from point A, to point B, half a mile away, in 3 minutes and 15 seconds, it is a “full on sprint”, trust me it really is, but, if you make it a goal, you can absolutely reach it, with enough dedication, grit, determination, and deep commitment. In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes, “commitment is the essence of a proactive person”. I couldn’t agree more, this is why I married my wife, to SHOW her, to help her understand, to prove to her once and for all, that I practice what I preach, to guide her, give her someone and something to lean on, a partner, a team member.

Do you know how many times I failed to do the mile in under 8 minutes this year? Over and over again, starting in January, I hadn’t been running due to a severely twisted ankle back in November 2020, then January rolled around on me, down in the Florida Keys, where I was vacationing for four whole months. It was a new year, and I have goals, lots of them, one is to run the mile in 6:50, another one is to bench press 225 pounds x 2, also there is 20 full strict pullups, and still another would be to walk / balance on my hands for 60 seconds on the first try of the day. Goals, they are extremely important!!!

IKR, I know right, perhaps life sucks, YOUR life sucks, I get it I do, but my life doesn’t, and you shouldn’t feel or think that way about your own. Negative self talk will slowly, but surely, always, 100% of the time, chip away at the foundation of who you are, so, don’t ever go there!! Perhaps you struggle with drinking too much alcohol, and after being in 35 states in the last year or so, I know American’s are drunk, they are overweight, and they smoke a lot of tobacco!! I invite you to put the plug in your jug, no matter if it’s booze, too much NetFlix, too many burgers, or too much time at work… join us here, because we truly care.

I have failed, over and over again, failure after failure, this is one of the reasons I never “have to work” again for the rest of my entire life!!! Look my friend, you may be able to keep up your current pace, for now, but eventually every runner, and every worker, and every human being slows down, in order to “retire”, you need to plan ahead, way ahead, this is where R.E. White Consulting LLC comes in, and while we are certainly NOT financial advisors, we do give out a lot of free advice, sort of like a close friend would perhaps. We don’t recommend retirement actually, it is good to keep going, keep working, stay sharp.

According to Forbes Magazine, the four pillars of retirement are: your Social Security Check (the average is $1430.70), a pension (these are becoming harder and more difficult to find and obtain), our investments (401K, IOUs, companies we own but don’t work at, royalties, rental properties, land lease payments, stocks, bonds, crypto currency, precious metals, etc.), and lastly the fourth pillar is WORK. Yup, that’s right, if you really want a nice fun retirement, keep on working, start a business, let us show you how because we have decades of experience on our team and in this company!!!

“Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, so, if you have some running goals, just start WALKING, lolol, you got this, and I for one certainly do believe in YOU!!! Perhaps you want to start a small business and don’t have a website yet, well, again, you are in the right place, because we can help train you on how to build your own!! Maybe you wish to drop those last 10 pounds you have been working on, give us a call, hire me personally, for $100.00 an hour I will come on site, and give you the motivation you need to get going!!! Depression is a very real thing, keep your chin up, ask for help, don’t be an island!!

Well, it’s a wrap, we have a possible client in Brentwood Tennessee who needs 2 large desks, a large sofa, and a conference table moved at a company, another client who needs some demo work done and assembly along with some moving, more advertising to accomplish and our Facebook page which needs attention, and so much more going on here. Hopefully this post got you motivated some!!!! Business waits for no one!!!! If you want money, then go to WORK!!! If having more days off is important, then your not hustling enough!!! You want to make $1,000.00 a day? GREAT, call or text 270-847-2955, NOW!!!

This is Mr. White, and along with Mrs. White, we own and operate R.E. White Consulting LLC, Lifted Moving Services, Sam’s Rental Houses, The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, Heart To Heart Animal Rescue Sanctuary, and Flowers For Hope. Nope, we are certainly not a really big company, yet, but our team and family consists of a lot of really great, highly skilled, very talented, dedicated and hard working individuals, and we also invite YOU to join our team possibly, if you qualify and aren’t afraid of real work!! Call or text, 270-847-2955 and let’s talk, the call is free, and so is some of my time…

Have a very nice day, thank you so much for being here, stop being an employee, eventually, take a step in the right direction, your very first goal should be grossing $10,000.00 per month at your business, so call us, you will be glad you did!!! Failure means your doing SOMETHING, which is better than nothing, keep the motivation going, post it, saw it, sell it, stay in the game, put a ring on it, hold your chin up, be a man, be a woman, build your team, give the pitch, close the deal, check it off the list, move forward, and all of your dreams will materialize…

Hit me in the comments, say something, be a human being…thank you!!

Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG0

3 thoughts on “Failure Is Part Of Success – The Motivation To Move Forward”

  1. We have installed very robust anti SPAM software on our site, so, with that being said, we invite all BOTS to see what happens next, lolol. This is a test comment from my cell phone. Please feel free to join the discussion here in the comments section!! How do you stay motivated? God bless you and have a tremendous day!!

    1. I sure appreciate this article. It is very motivational. You are so right! “Work” is the greatest thing there is to keep
      a person going…..setting little work goals is important for older people, too. Thank you for your thoughts.

      1. Glad you enjoyed it mom, yes, Covey calls work the sustaining engine of life, and now that I have gone back to work, I am starting to feel so much better!! I know getting things done is more challenging as we get older, you are doing a great job, a tremendous job, you always inspire me and everyone who knows you. Your very welcome, and I am glad you can leave comments now. Last night I failed in a massive way, on a project I have been working on for a long time, but all these little failures add up to success. People who don’t have a lot of failures just aren’t doing enough is all. Love you dearly,

        Marc & Jennifer

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