Education Overview

Education is the impartation of information, and information is what we deliver at R. E. White Consulting. Information comes in many forms. It is presented in many areas on this website, a rich market. In binary, it is represented with only two symbols, zero and one. So we’re all about the zeros and ones.

We assist our clients and team members by educating them; the process is paramount at R. E. White. It happens at many levels. Marc White expresses his wisdom generously in his elucidating blog posts. He leads team meetings and chats. Each team member educates clients as they perform services. Our goal is to enlist our experience to help people to become happy, and satisfied with our work.

Education enables people to accomplish their goals in life more than most other factors they can control. When they go to school and pass courses, they learn how to learn, and demonstrate this. Corporations and businesses want to hire them, so they can teach the learned what else they need to know on the job. It’s a win-win situation. Of course, education is just plain exalted in its own right; knowing is beautiful. We believe all levels and forms of education are beneficial: Universities and Colleges, G.E.D. programs, certifications, online, military and technical schools, etc. Turn off Netflix and study!

We teach people to be leaders with actions, not just with words. It is our responsibility to stand up to intimidators whenever possible, and not become such ourselves. We seek financial freedom, which may mean self-employment or early retirement. Borrowing less can be key; tighten up your game and spend less on things that don’t really make you happy. More free time can translate to a more stress-free, serene lifestyle for many of us. Education can be critical to this success, and has proven to be so for many of our team members.

The fields of STEM in particular are stressed here at R.E. White, and not just in IT. It’s difficult to be financially successful without some degree of number sense; at the least it will buoy your confidence. And we are familiar with how lucrative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers and businesses can be.

Learning comes in many modalities. We offer traditional scholastic tutoring as well as personal fitness training, under our Personal Development Services category. An educated mind, money in the bank, and a fit body are a harmonious combination we love to aspire to and celebrate.

Marc White, the CEO, is accessible! He’s taking on clients to train in personal fitness.