Distrust & Trust In America – “See Something Say Something”

By Marc William White USN-RET 01-19-2022

I have always held Pew Research in high regard, in Googling the search string “you can’t get anything done in America anymore”, the 5th link down the page sends us here https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2019/07/22/trust-and-distrust-in-america/ , an article, “Trust and Distrust in America, Many Americans think declining trust in the government and in each other makes it harder to solve key problems. They have a wealth of ideas about what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.” The writing has 7 lengthy pages apparently, I did not read all of them and in fact only skimmed over the first couple of paragraphs. I wish I could find it but have no idea what the title was, something I read online years ago about how instating a policy such as “see something say something”, as the government and most police departments have, can and often does break down the moral fabric of a nation. In my opinion it also can and does break down individuals, friendships, marriages, business partnerships, groups, villages, towns, cities, counties, states, and yes entire nations, often to the point of total and complete ruin, disaster, and irreparable failure.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how this all got started in America, or exactly when, if my memory is serving me correctly, I don’t think or feel as if I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s with a constant barrage of data and information from the media and where I went to school and in public ads, telling and teaching me to be a snitch, be a detective, be an investigator, to be a law enforcement officer and or a cop, to monitor other people’s behavior and actions, to report anything I deem suspicious, and or to be a reporter, narc, and or tattle tale. Whatever this is, must be new, I can not in any way recall or remember this from my youth, and thankfully so. I can feel it, but can you? What is it, you may be asking. Good question my friend. Please allow me to give you an answer. Maybe it is just an underlying current of “hate”, hate and disgust for your fellow man and or neighbor or family member, hate for yourself and or your spouse, hate for your own children or pets, hate for the way people treat you, hate and sickness from watching another mind numbing news report, hate from not growing old gracefully, hate from exposing ourselves too to much evil and sin and murder and rape and crime in real life and in Hollyweird dramas, hate from being an alcoholic or drug addict or tobacco addict or food addict, and hate from openly rejecting Jesus Christ.

It’s been said, “hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die”, I agree, very accurate statement. If we watch the news enough, it is so obvious, each news caster promotes hate, all we need to do is listen, first it is compassion, then it is hate, then it is caring and then it is anger, next is joy and then it is disgust, then we get safety and next comes more fear mongering, then we hear of abuse and immediately there is love, over and over, on an endless loop. Back and forth, all day long, again and again, it never ends from the moment we turn on even the slightest bit of media. I call this, very clearly, chaos. It IS chaos!! Chaos means things are not stable, and time and time again, it never fails, the people whom I have known personally and professionally, in the past, and currently know, who take in a lot of news and media from their TVs, radio, devices, phones, the net, social media, newspapers, police departments, town council meetings, advertising, etc., are NOT stable when I speak with them, try to do business with them, and or attempt to be friends with them. For me these individuals don’t sound mentally or emotionally stable, they vacillate, back and forth, but can’t seem to find enough middle ground, in their statements and daily actions and habits in life, they are caught up in black and white thinking, usually at one or extreme or another, and typically blame is something they struggle with terribly badly in a severe chronic way.

I am no investigator, I am no police officer, certainly not a deputy and not an attorney, I am not a jailer nor am I a sheriff, not a state trooper nor am I a city council member, not a local volunteer fire fighter and not a FBI agent, I am not a specialist in anything and not a local sleuth, I am not on a community watch and not part of a neighborhood patrol team, so, in my mind I am NOT QUALIFIED to be part of “see something say something”, it really is just that simple. I do know, from some news reports, that many, MANY people, turn in their own family members now, as did with the Capitol Riot in Washington DC, the list of people who turned in and reported each other was hard for me to wrap my mind around. Could it be, these people did that because they were afraid of also being prosecuted as an accessory to the crime?? Maybe so, and maybe somewhere in there is part of the problem, I am not sure. If we SEE a real crime taking place, and we choose to “look away” and or ignore, are WE part of that crime and or responsible and or an accessory and also guilty? I have no idea, and I bet you don’t either, and apparently the courts spend seemingly endless amounts of resources, time, and money on that very subject. We do live in a sometimes dangerous world, because life is so very very fragile, always a balancing act, never knowing when or how it will end, this is where Jesus Christ, Father God Abba Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, the Gospel of Jesus, giving and tithing 10% each month, going to church on Sabbath and observing the Sabbath each week, and much more come in to play.

The article states, and I quote, “Why Americans’ trust in each other has deteriorated in the past 20 years: Some 71% think that interpersonal trust has declined. Those who take this position were asked why, eliciting a laundry list of societal and political problems: 11% believe Americans on the whole have become more lazy, greedy and dishonest. Some 16% of respondents make a connection between what they think is poor government performance – especially gridlock in Washington – and the toll it has taken on their fellow citizens’ hearts. About one-in-ten of these respondents say they blame the news media and its focus on divisive and sensational coverage.” See??? I had not read this prior to writing what I have already here in this post, but there is the evidence to back up my hunch and claim!! Sensational!!!! WOW!!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT???!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! Unprecedented!!!! NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY!!!! CAN you believe IT???? SEE, you just DON’T understand!!!!! Bla bla bla, all day every day, again on a loop, repeated all day, and for those of you buying into it, it is having seriously negative affects on you, your mental health, your physical health, your family and spouses and children, and your bank accounts and ability to pay your bills and or live your dreams. Contact us here at R.E. White Consulting, not immediately, but after you think things over for a while, we can help, question is, will you allow us to help you help yourself?

Trust people until they give you a reason not to anymore, forgive and maybe trust again, and maybe not. Be a good neighbor, love your neighbor as yourself, talk to them, be open, share your feelings and thoughts, try to work things out, be civil and kind and compassionate always, which is what judges want all of us to do anyway, no matter the argument or dispute. We have 5 Divisions of Service here at R.E. White Consulting, we get tasks and things accomplished, we simply enjoy working, not as a low paged wage slave either, but as people taking control of their futures, so, when you are ready to do the same, text or call 270-847-2955 and let’s get started!!! Have a very nice day, God bless you, and Jesus Christ is Lord, not your reputation, not your bank account, not your assets, and not your net worth. What “a man is” has and always will be much more important than “what he has”, and one thing we can ALL trust in, every single time, is not a thing, but rather a common man, and His name is and was, Jesus Christ, the Great Palmoni, and He has your number, baby cakes.


Marc William White USN-RET, CEO, MCP

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