Community Overview

Welcome to the R.E. White Consulting Online Community!! This is a temporary page introducing our community which went live on 08-31-2020!!! 🙂 You may have noticed the paw icon for the main menu item labeled Community, this is because our CEO (Chief Executive Officer), his PAs (Personal Assistants), the various TMs (Team Members), and many of our clients, partners, and associates truly deeply believe in PLP, or rather The Power Of The Loving Paw, and that by working with domestic and wild animals they will teach us all to have more compassion as human beings if we allow them to do so. We will be offering a very intensive and usable Knowledge Base full of great data from real world experiences and events, an Online Community comprised of thousands of clients and companies looking to hire online remote freelancers and also blue collar workers who go on site, financially savvy and experienced investors and fitness enthusiasts, runners and bikers and explorers, artists and writers and actors, a state of the art highly advanced Client Portal for all of our successful incredible partners and customers, and a Team Member collaboration area to assist in servicing our clients, business, and community!!! It is so exciting!! Our subscriptions will range in price depending on what level of service you purchase from us: blog posts only, phone sessions in our divisions of service, Skype support on an emergency basis, social media management, scheduling and booking, a one time event or a annual contract, on site manual labor or technical work, and much more. Our prices range from $20.00 to $500.00 an hour, and of course the subscriptions will depend on what level you purchase. Thank you and have a very nice day!