Community Overview

Community Overview

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Welcome to the R.E. White Consulting online community! Our CEO (chief executive officer), his PAs (personal assistants), the various TMs (team members), and clients, partners, and associates went live on 8-31-2020 and on following days. Our online community offers a very intensive and usable knowledge base built up from real world experiences and events, in addition to formal education. Imagine a group comprised of thousands of clients and companies looking to hire online remote freelancers, blue collar workers who go onsite, financially savvy and experienced investors, consultants, tutors, and fitness enthusiasts. Animal lovers, runners, bikers, explorers, artists, writers, actors, and musicians, among others, may join; our team members already fit most of these descriptions.

To construct and maintain this association, we have installed a highly advanced client portal for all of our successful, incredible partners and customers. We also have a team member collaboration area to assist in servicing our clients, business, and community. We are very excited about both of these access points, which enable and socialize our website.

This is an umbrella site where people from many different disciplines can come together to do business. Our CEO and TMs are experienced in quite a few areas, and always seek to be employed when available. Consulting is a very prevalent form of self-employment. We provide IT consulting and educational consulting, also commonly known as tutoring.

Website development is another field that brings the community together. A website is a business’ window to the world, its internet identity. It’s crucial to an IT firm, or one that wants to grow, or establish a market on the net instead of just a brick-and-mortar presence. And several sub-fields are involved in the production of a good site: utilization of Word Press or another tool to create it, graphic design and photography (of course a separate field in its own right) for visual elements, and content writing. There too are other affiliated areas, also produced by giants, developers stand on.

We are primarily a Christian community, and dedicated to serving our fellow man. Our group is open to clients, partners, and associates we take on with differing viewpoints, as well. We also endeavor to live debt free and help lift others out of it.

Call or text 270-847-2955 sir or ma’am, thank you for your interest!