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01-09-2023 @ 6:46 PM CST USA

To: R.E. White Consulting 270-847-2955, BCC: Dyego Fernandes De Sousa, Mike Dimmick, TR, Reuben Titus, Jo Ann White, Marc William White USN-RET, From: R.E. White Consulting / Marc William White USN-RET, Subject: Cloud Collaboration / Databases

We do hope this email finds each of you and your wonderful families having enjoyed your holidays and now back into an exciting new work year with determination, resolve, and clearly defined resolutions and goals! Our team would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued business, partnerships, tenantships, technical expertise, help, input, dedication, and motivation in assisting us, and working for us, in the various sub businesses we own and operate under the R.E. White Consulting umbrella and family, as well as your own business and or employers we engage with.

When you have a moment, feel free to visit , as we recently decided to back up then delete the entire website / database and start completely over from scratch, for the most part. I would like to personally welcome Mr. Dyego Fernandes De Sousa to our team, on a part time per project basis, he is an extremely highly skilled Software Developer / Database Analyst / Systems Analyst based out of Coconut Creek, FL, with many years of high level in the field experience. I am so excited about what we have already been working on together, and the potential for what is ahead and in front of us. If you have programming needs, please contact us prior to contacting Mr. De Sousa directly, as he is very busy with various projects, and is relying on us for any information for clients coming through us to him.

After many years of working with and developing websites with the world’s most widely used open source free always updated Content Management System, WordPress, I feel as if I am always still learning something new, which is fun, especially with the various revisions and updates that take place, but generally the concepts have gone unchanged, the CMS gives us opportunities to create, display, share, and use large amounts of data and information dynamically, 24 hours a day, in the MySQL database(s), collaboratively, together, as a team, which is so exciting! Combined with our own Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine Instance Server, which we leased just over a year ago, and various commercial grade open source, as well as leased, software, we have a very powerful suite of software programs and hardware at our disposal.

We are now open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, in the cloud, on the various websites, in our homes and businesses, at our setups and with our “rigs” (computers), where our team members, partners, tenants, interns, volunteers, family members, and amazing clients can work together to achieve our goals, the most important of which is working for God’s glorious incredible Kingdom, and secondly for profit and money. We anticipate over the next few weeks and months for to really start taking shape, and as much as we and I love creative content such as images and videos, page speed always has been and always will be so important to us. Studies show that about 50% of all web users who visit a site that does not fully load where they can see the first large elements in 3.5 seconds or less, will completely abandon the site and never, ever, return.

Caching, edge servers, and services such as CloudFlare have their place, they are not all bad, but through much trial and error and experience, I have determined that many web users are still very much text and data driven, and an article I read recently about Craig’s List most certainly supports that concept with me. Typically our clients, many of which have done extremely well financially and some even found much fame and prestige through politics and other avenues such as the music business, want to, and want us to, get tasks completed, both on and off site, and this requires raw data, and quite a bit of it, time and time again. Databases are of the utmost importance! GTMetrix page speed score of our front page today is, and I quote, Grade = “A”, Performance “100%, Structure “93%”, LCP “624 milliseconds” (which is under 1 second), TBT “0ms), CLS = “0”, Fully Loaded Time “699 ms”, Total Page Size “259KB”, Total Page Requests “6”.

I very deeply appreciate all of you, thank you so very very much for everything you do, if you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to text me at 270-847-2955, we will be utilizing text quite a bit, and email, until we move more fully into the cloud and our own server. We will be setting up your accounts soon and you will have the ability to log in. Have a great day or evening as the case may be, kindest regards always,


Marc William White USN-RET, MCP, CEO, Director, Owner


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