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Hello, welcome, and thank you for being here! Please take a few brief moments to read these paragraphs and learn how to navigate our website, we want you to be able to find what you are looking for and gain the most benefit from your visit.

MOBILE DEVICE: We love to keep things simple, so, starting with your mobile phone, you can always go back to the front of the site by touching the logo at the very top. All links are in blue, when highlighted or moused over or “activated” they are red. Our main menu is at the top, from left to right are: home button (house icon), About Us Overview (microphone icon), 3 Line Pull Down Main Menu (3 line icon), Reviews & Opinions (thumbs up icon), and Team Page (figure in suit icon). The entire main menu can be folded out at one time on a mobile device.


As an Information Technology company and E-Commerce Site we take each and every client’s data, information, privacy, security, and trust very seriously. In order to maintain our website security as well as any and all financial transactions made through our site we have purchased a Comodo Premium SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certification. You will know when you are on a secure website because you will see the small padlock symbol and the word Secure and https to the left of the domain name in your browser. If you have ad blocking turned on then you may need to disable it to verify.

Comodo is a “leader in SSL Certifications with more than 85 million desktop security software installations, more than 700,000 business customers and 8,000 global partners and affiliates market share leadership, and being the #1 SSL Certificate Authority in the world, with more than 36% of the market, according to (as of July 1, 2015)”. With our SSL Certification we have: 2048-bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate, Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption, Domain Control Validation (DCV), Use with Single Domain Name, TrustLogo Seal, and a $250,000 Relying Party Warranty*. You may view the details of our SSL Certification Warranty here on Comodo’s website.  In the future we may upgrade to a Comodo Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

We proudly run WordPress, one of the most popular CMSs (Content Management Systems) in the world and that is for a number of very important reasons. We ONLY support software, hardware, services, small businesses companies, corporations, organizations, and entities that we believe in and recommend and use ourselves and we want ALL of our clients to experience complete satisfaction and happiness. When it comes to getting a job done and doing it right the Open Source community is a great way to go for many programs and scripts and WordPress does not disappoint in any way shape or form. If you think we run it because we can not afford a custom codded site then you are wrong because we can do that but the question is WHY would we, when WordPress will do everything and much more than we need or want.

We do have programmers on our team but they are busy with projects for our clients although they do help with our site as time permits. You can wipe out a lot of money and much time buying themes and trying them out so currently we employ the WordPress 2017 default theme that came installed and it has over 1,000,000 active installs, the theme determines the layout of the site, colors, placement of images, blog, and much more. Of course do NOT forget to install your “child theme” when using WordPress so your custom changes are not wiped out when the main theme automatically updates which it will. There are literally MILLIONS of ways to customize a WordPress install with millions of themes, colors, fonts, pages, posts, categories, plugins, widgets, menus, headers, footers, forms, extensions, settings, images, content, videos, podcasts, blogs, posts, users, rolls, tweaks, CSS, HTML, PHP, and much custom code.

WordPress is software we have been using for many years and so we have A LOT of experience with it and if you are considering utilizing it for your business or personal site (and you should) and need any assistance with install, plugins, ideas, concepts, terms, functionality, usability, navigation, or just simple “hand holding” please contact our team immediately and we will be more than happy to help…our rates depend on the location, on site or remote work, day of the week, time of day, urgency and time frame, scope of project, and client. We are constantly making changes to our site so please follow along as we grow and evolve, as in life the only constant is change and we gladly embrace it with a smile not to mention that WordPress is just so much fun!! You will find the “Proudly Powered By WordPress” at the bottom of your screen, and we plan on leaving it there.