Booking & Payments

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Prior to contacting us please take a moment to read our Booking Policies, these will be expanded soon in order to encompass the correct information and data. R.E. White Consulting LLC carefully and stringently looks very closely at all potential clients prior to engagement, our vetting process is lengthy and extremely detailed, this not only ensures we are qualified to assist and work for the client but also gives indicators as to the willingness an entity or person might have in signing legally binding contractual agreements in the course of business. Our company is built on trust, that we will do what we say we will in our contracts, and of course we expect the same from our clients. These contracts allow all parties to have a reference point to the prearranged agreements should any misunderstandings arise.

We utilize Stripe as our online gateway for making payments, it is one of the largest payment processing services in the world, highly secure, reliable, and trustworthy. When you click the link below, a form will appear in your browser, please fill it out completely, then submit, if you have any questions or concerns please contact our team and we will look into it. We highly recommend using a credit card, instead of a debit card, with solid protection for all online transactions but it is only a suggestion, debit cards offer protection as well.

We do not collect your card number or sensitive information on our site or in any database, your payment is processed through Stripe, what we see on their control panel is very limited, in other words you can trust them, as well as us, your data is secure. You may have already booked a consulting session and it is scheduled, please make your payment prior to the meeting. Thank you sir or ma’am, we are so grateful to serve you and your business or estate, and we greatly value your continued business.