Birds Of A Feather They Flock Together – Build Your Team

By Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO

10-14-21 Franklin Tennessee 7:44 AM CST

Good morning! You know, I could start this post off very directly, more hard, a little less personable, very corporate like (as much of the corporate world often is) but, that wouldn’t be what I learned from a man named Mr. Carrie, in Virginia Beach Virginia. I will save the story of my interaction with that amazing person for another day, but the “take away” is, and was, “be nice”, be VERY nice, very very nice, at ALL times, while doing business. I was drawn to Mr. Carrie, fascinated with him and his life story.

A few minutes ago, I walked my incredible wife, Jennifer White, to her car as she was leaving for work, we love to watch birds together, and then all of a sudden, in the sky appears a large flock of geese!! WOW!! We watched them come in for a landing to a large open field, someone else saw us and he stopped to enjoy the show also, all of a sudden we had three people flocking, hahaha. If you don’t currently have a wife, I highly recommend you find one, commit to her, lead her, guide her, and be a Christian man.

One of the most powerful lessons, and you will hear me say that often, because I like the phrase, of my life, is, drum roll please, we can’t beat hate with more hate, simple. This is an extremely easy concept, so very simple most people miss it, they don’t yet understand the power it holds, but certainly it is written in the Holy Bible many times, and part of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Hate and anger will never beat kindness and love and also calmness and being meek, they just don’t, they never have, they never will, ever.

A few days ago, a guy in a big black truck, was coming at me too fast in a parking lot while I was walking to my van, he then got too close to me with his vehicle and so I felt somewhat intimidated. When he got up beside me, I said something to him, not yelling, but calmly, it may have contained a slight bit of profanity which was wrong. He promptly rolled down his dark tinted windows, and asked me what my problem was, I explained to him what he had done, he denied it, was upset, I stayed calm, he apologized.

In the most heated arguments, any one of us might experience in life, staying calm will always win, then all of a sudden, you are building your flock, instead of being a part of someone else’s flock, again, it’s a really simple idea. Stay calm, be nice, smile, be courteous, don’t raise your voice, show no aggression, don’t display frustration, sidestep negativity, ask them if they are OK, display love, try to understand that people are suffering, treat them as you would someone with cancer, help them.

Love beats hate, every single time, when I gave my wife her ring and proposed, the entire restaurant erupted with a massive applause and ovation, because people love love, and they hate hate, deep down inside. She took me to a comedy show in downtown Franklin after we were engaged, they also gave us a large applause and ovation. On our wedding day they did the same thing, gave us another round of applause, because people believe in love, and forgiveness, so do I, I always have, it always works.

Working is so important, I love things that work, and many times get frustrated at those which are broken, but we all have our flaws, if we look for them in the people we deeply love, we can see the beauty. The most perfect person in the world has flaws, see, but there was one man who never had a single one, His name is Jesus Christ. Now, we know, for the most part, Jesus Christ isn’t exactly welcome in most corporate conference rooms, because that’s just not “professional”, but in my life, He is the business.

The Holy Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil”, so, money, and the material things it can buy, may often work against us as we work to have security, food, shelter, transportation, and “stability”. The pull of this world is strong, because Lucifer, the fallen angel, he is here, along with 1/3 of all the angels which fell with him, if you don’t believe me, then why do men take the lives of other men? God is in us all, each of us, a man taking another man is evil, for he is taking part of God, and God is about life, not death.

My wife has told me many times in the past, “I can’t write like you do”, but her writing is her own and very beautiful, especially when she is upset or frustrated and is using the Holy Bible to try and figure out how to “feel good” again. Today my KJV bible fell open to Luke Chapter 11, “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

At the end of September 2020, I “took off” and was “gone”, I couldn’t stay where I was, in a relationship with my girlfriend Jennifer (she is now my wife), or at my home, or around anyone, so I got in my van and drove away, I couldn’t leave, but then after I left, I couldn’t come back either. This went on for about 10.5 months, as I traveled through 35 states, I couldn’t stay where I was, I couldn’t leave where I was, and couldn’t come “home”. In time, see, because time is the healer of all wounds, God said, “go back”, so I did that.

I was “out there”, sort of drifting, that’s right, going from one place to another, allowing life and the world, and also God and Jesus Christ, to tell me what to do, regardless of the money, the work, the houses, the businesses, the responsibilities, the success, the pain, the happiness, or anything!! In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey says “work is the sustaining engine of life”, so I read that over and over again, eventually God told me to start Lifted Moving Services, which exploded with great success.

Attraction is a wonderful thing, if we are being attracted to the right people who will help lead us to success, and when I mention success, I am talking about part of MY program, the program here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, I simply call it, “balance in all areas of your life”. I have always, always been into balance, it started out as a fascination for me when I was a child, I had too much extra time on my hands, and I began walking on stilts, riding a bike, juggling, doing tricks on a skateboard, and eventually learned to walk on my hands.

Our team, at the business, is quite large actually, here are some of the names of the people on MY team, today, right now, whom I work with (or am trying or have) or are in my family and we work together: Samuel, Jennifer, Joann, Jimmy, Suzy, Patricia, Jerald, David, Kim, M’kela, Gunther, Ryan, Nebyu, Bruce, Howard, Mike, Aiden, Justin, Wanji, Eric, Kimberly, David, Sean, Terry, Dylan, Mark, Linda, Paul, Jamie, Lee, Betsy, Jerry, Amber, Lou, Trish, Thomas, Tammy, John, Daniel, Reuben, Dan, Lee, Page, and still, there are others.

I am always working on “building my flock”, my team, getting us all on the same page, but many on the team don’t know the others exist, this is my job, to introduce them to one another, I plan on using this website and our company to accomplish that task in the future, for, how can the team function, thrive, grow, and live, if they don’t know about the WHOLE team? The people I just mentioned are my: family members, tenants, business partners, clients, and friends, the last part being critically important, we are “friends”.

Demanding what we want will not work, because “everyone loves a leader, but nobody likes a tyrant”, and when we demand, force, push, manipulate, tailgate, rush, cry, stomp, yell, scream, threaten, and more, we will always fail. On the other hand, asking for what we want, turning it into a request, from the heart, a desire, with ease, honesty, space, time, steadiness, maturity, calm, lightness, softness, tenderness, forgiveness, being friendly, and love, we will always win, we may not get what we “want” but we win.

Something is going on in one of my crypto wallets, it appears my SafeMoon and or Kishu Inu are actually taking off lately, along with my bitcoin, that wallet has never been this high before, quite interesting for sure!! I have 2 books here open on my desk, the Holy Bible King James Version, and Grant Cardone’s, The 10 X Rule, and I am sure enjoying Uncle G’s work. My coffee is about gone, it was only half of a 9 ounce cup today, reducing it has really been helping me out a lot lately, some is left, I will pour it out.

Someone on the team just texted me, but I texted them first, they didn’t do what we agreed on, so, I gently reminded them, that we have an agreement. They apologized, I accepted the apology, in a very friendly way, because we are all friends, and respect, mutual respect, a very, very high level of mutual respect, is part of what helps hold the team and our businesses, and the success we experience, together. Like a glue, super glue, gorilla glue, respect is part of the grease which makes the engine run.

Part of your assignment for the day, is simply to watch a bird, or a flock of them, study that bird or the flock for a minimum of 5 minutes, that is all. What you will quickly notice is, they don’t build large houses full of “stuff”, they don’t work on a house much, it’s more of a small open nest. You will also see, that their work consists of looking for food, which is always there, moving their bodies, grooming themselves and one another, having babies, watching out for danger, sleeping, looking awesome, relaxing, and just BEing.

To learn to be, just be, and to sit, do nothing, allowing our minds to relax, giving up for a while, stopping, unplugging, and to be able to cope with the silence inside us, to understand that we do know the difference between good and evil, and that there is iniquity in each of us, being grossly unfair, that we are very Godly, that we have part of Him in us, that we are made in His image, that we can choose, we can find that calm place between action and reaction, and sometimes choose to do nothing, is extremely powerful.

Build your flock, have a team, be a true leader, and also learn to follow, for your followers will eventually become leaders hopefully, and graduate, but more students will come along, and you can be the leader yet again, see. No man or woman is an island, you can’t be a multimillionaire on your own, no way, successful people have very large teams and others who work for them, not because they are tyrants but because those under their care, truly know they care, and when we care about a soul, we see the whole person.

Money will not save you or protect you and your family, and neither will generational wealth, God can and will save your family, and possibly give us ever lasting life, it’s the happy people of this world who are the winners, those with the freedom to be who they truly are, and they live in truth, total transparency and truth, for the truth shall set us free, and it does, all day every day. Freedom is love, and love is freedom, God allows us to destroy ourselves, but don’t do that, instead choose life, take better care of you.

You are your greatest asset, they don’t sell you at a store, and those on your team are assets, treat them as you would treat yourself, don’t have one set of rules for them, and another set for yourself, it will destroy the team and your relationships with other people. Don’t use people, don’t force yourself on them, only the truly strong, who have faced the greatest of adversities in this life, can be truly gentle, humble, meek, forgiving, friendly, kind, and loving. Our moments of weakness or filled with chaos, don’t go there.

It is time now, for me to look closer at my schedule for the day, many things “to do” and tasks to work on, despite the fact that I never “have to work” again, for the remainder of my entire life. Sure, I can blow the whole day off today, go golfing, go to the zoo, go back to bed, eat all day, go get drunk, take a bunch of pills, watch movies, go shopping and spend $5,000.00 on junk I don’t need, or mostly anything I want within reason, but I like success, and I have so much of it, it takes a great big team to keep it running well.

Thank you so much everyone, on and off the team, and a special shout out today to my wife of course, Sweet Jennifer, A.K.A. Dani B Baby Doll Girl, A.K.A. Mrs. White, and another special shout out to everyone on the team and my tenants, also I want to say thank you to my business partners, for all of you are very integral parts of what we are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! I appreciate so much what you do for us!!! You are all talented and wonderful!!!

Please, sir or ma’am, enjoy your morning, afternoon, evening, and or day…may God Father Yahweh Abba, bless you continually, and always remember class, business waits for no one, but Jesus Christ is always waiting…

Now go out there, suit up and show up, get to work, spend less than you make, keep budgets, set goals, save money, learn from your mistakes, while always remembering, we come in with nothing, and we all go out with nothing, so, in other words, stop and smell the roses, and be happy!! HAHA, LOLOL!!!! In these challenging and difficult times, hahaha, lololol, haha, BE HAPPY!!!! 10 4 Roger Dodger out!

God bless you,

Marc William White, USN-RET MCP CEO MOG0

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  1. I am looking forward to reading your blogs. This one was great! It’s optimistic and upbeat. Has a lot
    of good advice. Love you all, Mom.

    1. Hi mom, and good morning! I see you are now posting comments and figured out how to do it, it was so nice to hear from you when I logged into the website this morning. I am preparing to write another blog post now, or article, people give the writings different names out on the web. Despite what Henry David Thoreau says about “barking against the bad”, that people shouldn’t do it, he himself does it quite a bit actually, haha, but I would rather take the high road, it just seems better, and love always beats hate, every single time. People love love, and they hate hate, especially if the hate goes to far… Love you very much,


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