We don’t live, (well, we have started moving out completely as of 01-15-2023) work, or spend money inside the city limits of Adairville KY because according to World Population Review, people (and obviously their money, spending, and cushy retirements full of health, fun, and adventure) don’t move to Adairville, they move OUT of it or never move there initially, “With a population of 920 in 2000, and 831 in 2023, Adairville is currently declining at a rate of – 0.24% annually and its population has decreased by – 4.70% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 872 in 2020.” Also, only “65.1% of the population owns a home (to our detriment we own one here but have never made a payment on it, we didn’t buy it, we inherited the stupid thing), and a full 34.9% of the population rents”. Plus (or rather another minus), “67.81% of the citizens (hard to imagine not having more motivation) never went beyond the 9th grade, never graduated high school, or graduated high school only”.

Due to the slow economy in Adairville (apparently a day of work there consists of hours of sitting and talking), or rather NO economy (the creepy slaughter house (think Texas chainsaw massacre) and “hosiery mill” closed up decades ago, the only functioning grocery shuttered years ago, and the “new” much hailed and glorified grocery (now apparently abandoned during construction like multiple buildings on the square in Russellville KY) has been under construction for 3 years or more and is basically a large mural surrounded by ugly chain link fence serving no purpose with GIANT signs which state “you are being video recorded”) , the average person makes a pathetic “$26,895.00 a year”, the average man makes a measly “$33,750.00 a year”, and sadly, the average woman makes mere “$25,081.00 a year.” Not surprisingly white Caucasians have a “poverty rate of 38.74%, African Americans have a poverty rate of 41.30%, Asians have a poverty rate of 237.50%, and Hispanics have a poverty rate of 45.45%”. In Adairville only 21 courageous human beings served in the US Military (2.52% of the population, but the national average is more than TWICE that at 6.4%, so apparently Adairville is full of really scared people) and were brave enough to leave and go serve their nation, apparently everyone else stayed there or never came back. Many there think serving on the local volunteer Fire Department is an act of bravery, and akin (or inbred) to being in the military, or something weird like that.

R.E. White Consulting recommends YOU move OUT of Adairville, and or NEVER move there. All of this only 40 short miles from one of the most booming economies in America, Nashville Tennessee, solid proof people are just NOT happy in Adairville, it has stalled out, (they move in, sometimes, and immediately want OUT) and IS DYING. Despite ongoing chatter of hope on the bricks, we don’t believe people are ever “coming” and bringing their hard earned savings to invest here. Yup, it would be funny if all of that weren’t TRUE, but it is, like a dark deep hole of drunken hate, like a credit card loan of 28% interest, like a junkies used up heroin needle, like a pimp employed street walker turning another trick, like a tidal wave of depression and lifelessness, like an ugly puss filled mole on a fat man’s ass, a blight on the American landscape, Adairville Kentucky is the END OF THE LINE. We do however recommend the Florida Keys, Boston and the whole state of Massachusetts, and anywhere west of the Mississippi that is not in the state of California.