A Sample Of Bad Website Design & Actions ~ Sense & Nonsense?!

By Marc William White USN-RET

06-30-22 Williamson County TN 5:46 AM CST USA

Good morning! Welcome to our new blog, website, and server!! šŸ™‚ If you visited before, you will notice some of the same design, layout, colors, and elements but this will be our first “serious” blog post which will “stay” and help kick off what it is we are teaching, doing, and selling. The Internet and world wide web are utterly amazing, truly incredible, they have revolutionized our lives in many ways, and help shape the society we live in here in America. I think it was Carl Jung the famous psychologist who was quoted as saying, “the mind vacillates between sense and nonsense not between right and wrong”, I liked it when I heard it the first time and it sort of stuck in my head, perhaps it is true. I have always enjoyed website design, especially what goes on in the background.

This post is a sample of “things” which happen on the web, many of which don’t make any sense to me, they may to you, but not to me, or perhaps I should say they seem like a waste, not a waste of time, because I am not so sure anyone can actually waste time, but possibly “wasted energy”. Now, stop for a second and consider all of the “wasted mouse clicks”, we collectively do each and every day, all of humanity, from the moment we get up, until we go to sleep, all day long, 24 hours a day, around the whole entire planet. These are also called “click aways”, where we are just trying to stop something from happening, many times it’s when out attention is being intentionally diverted for one reason or another. I find this to be frustrating, sometimes extremely frustrating.

So, let’s get into it shall we??? Here we go so hold on, I think you might find this humorous, insightful, useful, and entertaining. I want your website experience here to be the best it can, always, for you to enjoy being here on this particular site and all of our websites, so you will come visit again, join our community, have some fun and get a few laughs, and engage with us and do some business. If you don’t have a website yet, and are considering owning one and creating it, please call or text 270-847-2955 and or visit www.muleshed.com, we are here to help and would be overjoyed to do so. I get it, you may already be thinking, “none of this makes any sense”, HAHA, but just hang tight with me, I think you will nodding your head in agreement, lolol.

Don’t you just love pop ups?? You know, your on a site, minding your own sweet peaceful business, then all of a sudden, SLAM, here comes a great big annoying sign or message or box that interrupts what you are doing, or trying to do. I find pop ups to be useless, I almost never ever read them, I click away and close them because I am insulted by them, and if you have them on your site, please take them down, NOW!!! LOL. Enough said, I DO NOT LIKE POP UPS!!! If the pop ups ask for an email address, who REALLY want’s to give their out, again, for the fiftieth time that day??? NOT ME!!! While we are on the topic of email, well, many times pop ups are wanting you email address, but in many ways email may be dying, so keep that in mind, and hey, call a friend today and say hello in voice.

Facebook? Oh my goodness, OK, clock this. On “your page”, under “edit profile”, find 3 small dots, click the dots, then “view as”, this allows you to see your profile as the public does, when you “exit view as”, a VERY needless small black pop up appears in the lower right corner that says, “you’re now interacting as your profile”!!!! Really??? Are we THAT dumb??? I mean come on, we know we just exited “view as”, WHY does Facebook HAVE to tell you what you just did?? Nonsense for sure, and another wasted mouse click. I could go on and on about Facebook, our Lifted Moving business page on Facebook is so full of suggestions, advertising, and useless features I hardly ever even want to post anything or develop it at all!! It should be more like Craig’s List, more simplified.

With Facebook, and many social media platforms, it’s almost as if someone threw a great big party, everyone got stoned drunk out of their minds, and stayed up till 5:00 AM saying, “yea, lets add that, let’s add this, we should put that in there, they will really use this feature” and on, and on, and on some more. Silly, and also useless, most people have a life offline, they literally just don’t want to use so many features, options, and supposed useful interactions. See part of the problem is, Facebook wants us to think and believe, we can sort of setup a website or page on their system, and use it the way we WANT to, but if you are a serious, experienced, seasoned designer, or even a brand new novice, it won’t take 30 minutes before you will learn that’s not the case, not the truth.

I am on Amazon, as I type this, in another browser window, as I scroll down the page, there is an advertisement for T.RowePrice, wow, I go there to watch movies and shop for things, maybe I didn’t realize Amazon is so into advertising!!! Ugghh, there is THAT word, advertising!!!! OUCH!!!! Can you say headache??? Can you say tired??? Can you say useless??? Can you say weird??? How about tracking, can you say that?? Spend, spend, spend, and about 40% of all Americans can’t cover a $400.00 emergency, without borrowing more money, and about 60% can’t cover a $1,000.00 emergency without borrowing more, the LAST thing they really need is another ad!!!! Sneaky, very sneaky little things, sometimes, ads, here, there, everywhere, mostly.

Hey, “corporate America” and all you young start ups and budding self employed business owners, let me let you, in, haha, on a little tip, when people are trying to FOCUS on something, say, an article, blog post, video, message, writing, or most anything else, ESPECIALLY when it comes to a purchase or hiring someone or a company to do a task or project or job, on and or off line, perhaps the very LAST thing they actually want or desire, is to have their focus BROKEN!!! This is a VERY big part of my business model here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, our model, the one many people helped to create initially, and have helped to mold and change as we went along. It is an extremely successful business model, if applied correctly, you can easily make $50.00 an hour yourself, no matter your skill level.

Fox news? OK, I just hit their site, and guess what slammed me in the face, nothing less than a giant red, white, and blue (and mostly blue because it’s so depressing to see another pop up) pop us screen, covering the WHOL screen, an ad, asking for my email address, saying “ENTER FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN”, I can “win” a “free” year of Fox Nation, and a hat, yawn, very yawn, BORING, and NO, heck NO, my email InBox at Gmail is full enough already, so, you can’t have my email address!!! Ha!! Now that I clicked it away, at the top of the page is another ad, taking up the whole top half of the screen, a banner, rotating through ads, no less, you can click it away, but every time you reload the page, guess what, it comes BACK!!! Ads, ads, ads, MORE ADS, yuck, double YUCK, and more YUCK!!

I just Googled “time bomb 2000”, a site my mother enjoys and has for years, except, guess what, it was no where to be found on the whole first page of search results, those were all for a book, so I added “website” to the end of the string, and boom, there it is, but there is still 1 ad for the book above the link to the site, of course it’s AMAZON. I go to www.timebomb2000.com, there is a “cookie” banner at the bottom, I can “accept” or “learn more”, cookies, cookies, and more cookies, but is it all necessary and legal, well, yes, and no, then no, and yes, it depends, but sometimes the cookie, a tiny bit of code which is placed on or in your browser, can keep you logged in, help us navigate, maybe, and more, it depends on what kind of cookie, haha, chocolate chip or peanut butter.

Google just did a “notification” to me I wasn’t expecting in Chrome browser, “It’s been 6 months since your last Google account visit”,, I clicked away and ignored it, then another one popped up right behind it, more, and more, and more, pop ups, notifications, messages, and of course you need to go “turn them off” because most platforms and software packages of them “on” by default. It’s exhausting, and such a waste of energy and money. Even on my own website here on my own server, WordPress just logged me out and said, “Your session has expired. Please log in to continue where you left off.”, I did click on the “Remember Me” button, but I doubt it will help!!! I think I finally have notifications turned off in Chrome, but I doubt that as well, LOL!!! NOT LOL!

Facebook also just logged me out, so, the reason why Facebook and my own website decided to log me out, is because I deleted all my cookies earlier, but here is the thing, if you don’t delete all your cookies every now and again, the browser will sort of slow down some, there were over 1000 a few minutes ago when I wiped them out. Do YOU want 1000 sites tracking you, or possibly tracking you???Nope! me neither!!! 07-01-22 – I thought I would finish this article / post yesterday but didn’t, so I will this morning. Good morning again, it’s Friday, and the end of another work week here at R.E. White Consulting, Sabbath will come tonight, it lasts for 24 hours, starts when the sun goes down, and goes until the sun sets on Saturday, or Sabbath. Saturday happens to be the 7th legal day of the week in America.

Many of us, most of us, have “old injures”, aches and weaknesses which tend to raise their ugly heads from time to time. One of mine is my lower back, this is very very common, especially those who are overweight, have spinal alignment problems, men who do a lot of lifting and bending especially with heavy tools or objects, and others. A few moments ago I went to this website after I googled something about back pain, here is the link: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/back-pain/5-questions-to-answer-before-considering-sciatica-surgery Please go there and visit the site for 1 minute then come back here, because I want you to see that “good web pages” do exist, it is from John Hopkins Medicine.

Yes, from time to time, I do run across and discover, really great, useful, easy to navigate, important, clear and concise, advertisement free, quick, simplistic, more static, well laid out, thoughtfully designed web pages and sites, the one from Hopkins Medicine I just shared is a fine example!! Of great importance was the lack of ANY ads, NONE, only suggested articles on the same site, wow!! A small survey box did pop up that said, “We’d welcome your feedback! Thank you for visiting our website. You have been selected to participate in a brief customer satisfaction survey to let us know how we can improve your experience. The survey is designed to measure your entire experience, please look for it at theĀ conclusionĀ of your visit. This survey is conducted by an independent company ForeSee, on behalf of the site you are visiting.

I normally DO NOT do ANY surveys, and certainly don’t do them only after I have had a bad experience, that’s not nice or right, but I DID take the time to step through this one at Johns Hopkins Medicine, because, like, WOW, such a great website and design!! I ran a GT Metrix analysis on that page, it scored an “A”, and despite the fully loaded time of 7.2 seconds, the LCP time was 1.2 seconds, so by the time I scrolled the page, it was fully loaded, or in theory this is what probably took place and should happen, you want the top of the page to load first, that way by the time anyone scrolls, it’s not still “loading”. We try to make our websites similar to the one I was just on, in fact, we try to do an even better job, because a bad webpage will drive clients away from your business.

I ran a GT Metrix analysis on THIS page a few seconds ago, and the results are” Score = “A”, Performance = 98%, Structure = 95%, LCP (LCP measures how long it takes for theĀ largest content elementĀ (e.g. a hero image or heading text) on your page to become visible within your visitors’ viewport. For a good user experience, aim for an LCP of 1.2 seconds or less ) = 937 milliseconds, TBT (TBT tells you how much time is blocked by scripts during your page loading process. For a good user experience, aim for a TBT of 150 milliseconds or less.) = 0 milliseconds, Fully Loaded Time = 1.5 seconds, total page size at this point = 187 KB, total requests = 20. WOW!!! We scored great!!! I am extremely satisfied with this data, we enjoy giving a nice, calm, fast, useful web experience to all our visitors!!

GT Metrix did offer some suggestions, let’s look at them below:

Med-LowEliminate render-blocking resources
Med-LowServe static assets with an efficient cache policy
LowUse a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
LowUse HTTP/2 for all resources
LowReduce unused CSS

“Eliminate render blocking”, “Resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles. Consider using a plugin like WP Rocket toĀ improve this audit in a few clicks Ā» Resources thatĀ mayĀ be contributing to render-blocking include:” This is not a big deal to me but I would like to learn more about it for our clients and my own knowledge. I don’t like to add unnecessary plugins to WordPress, it can and will eventually slow the entire site down, trust me on this. I know about WP Rocket and have used it a number of times, it can do a good job but you should be careful abut the settings in there.

As for caching pages and using a CDN such as Cloudflare or something, NO, not now, I don’t like them because they can mess up menu systems, such as Max Mega Menu and also other plugins and shopping carts, the one we use here, you will be clearing out the cache all the time as you develop the site, if you change your site around a lot this is extremely important! CDNs are a great idea, in theory, but have YOU ever tried to use one??? I have, and Cloudflare gave me fits, to say the least, and wiped out a good deal of my time and energy. The last two items on GT Metrix’s list, HTTP 2 may have to do with our server and could be implemented, possibly, and the other one, reduce unused CSS could be done on the server I think. All in all, this page you are reading, is FULLY loads in less than HALF of the maximum time most users will abandon your site in if it doesn’t load quick, which is 3.5 seconds.

Well, that’s it for our “first” post on our “new site” on our new server, which has been up and running since Nov 4 (Thursday), 2021, 10:28:54 AM UTC-05:00. We hope you have enjoyed it!! THANK YOU to all of our amazing clients, tenants, business partners, team members, family members, associates, helpers on and off the ranch, interns, and visitors!! Please stop by and visit the site at any time, when we finally discover a chat feature for the site which won’t slow it down then we plan to utilize it, and I personally am very excited about more changes and tweaks and upgrades to our server, such as installing and configuring Light Speed Web Server. God bless you, have a great day, and remember to keep your websites, pages, and design to a minimum…our front page is very buys only to “showcase” what we can do for you, the client.

Thank you for being here, Jesus Christ is Lord, and Jesus IS our business model, or let’s say, He is the corner stone of the model, and WOW, He really does work!! Thank you Jesus Christ for giving us so much success, guidance, love, support, understanding, strength, creativity, and life!!! Amen!!!

Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG0