Real Estate Maintenance & Management

09-27-2020. Here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, we have been doing real estate investing, purchasing, sales, leasing, maintenance, and management for many generations, in the form of ranches, farms, single family homes, and multi family properties. The below images are from the CEOs personal jointly owned property, one of our many incredible tenants named Barker Farms, and a few images of another amazing tenant Robey Farms. As you can clearly see, it is harvest time in Kentucky!! Corn is headed to the bins for storage, we work with the middle class, those in poverty, and the wealthy to help them store money just like valuable grain, make it grow into profit, and in turn make that money grow for more profit for their businesses, families, heirs, estates, and legacies they leave behind. It’s not that complicated but you may never understand it, if you don’t contact us. So make that call!! 270-847-2955

Please feel free to pinch and zoom the images, they are in a gallery layout for your viewing pleasure. The grain bins and barn need some weed eating and paint, we have hired a new property manager / team member to help make that happen, and we also do property management for the public but it depends on the task, job, project, and goals. Here at R.E.W. we are highly selective about our clients, we can operate this way because we have zero financial debt currently. All business or personal loans should be made with a Total Cost of Ownership in mind, this takes skill and practice, and information, allow us to help you, call 270-847-2955 today, one call can change your life!! Thank you Robey and Barker Farms for your business! If you are in need of small or large scale farm acreage, or an apartment or house for rent in Logan County KY, give us a call, and if you need one of our other many services please do the same. Thank you!


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