“What Do You Guys Really Do Anyway?”

Do people ask you questions about your life? How about your employment where you work for someone else? Maybe they probe you about your business and what it is you do? Is anyone ever curious about you, your family, your past, and possibly future plans? Great!! We know these thoughts, feelings, and experiences here at R.E. White Consulting LLC, so we sat down and did this “Question and Answer” (Q and A) sheet for all of our existing and or prospective clients, team members, board members, freelancers, community members, family members, website visitors, and more. I know you will find this post / page exciting, so here we go, a nice long comprehensive list of various questions and statements we have received so far to date, in no particular order (alright perhaps somewhat chronological), and the in depth technical explanations to go along with them!!

2017: Multiple People “How long have you been in business?” The idea for our incredible consulting company, the very special clients we carefully vett / service / adore, wonderful growing online community, and rapidly expanding team of amazing freelancers started many years ago and the domain name https://www.rewhiteconsulting.com was officially leased in the fall of 2017. Our website went live on 12-26-2019 at 2:49 PM CST, USA, and the one you are reading now is the third installation, each time we sort of started from scratch instead of migrating the whole site. We officially legally registered our business name with the State of Kentucky on 9/15/2017 at 3:06:40 PM CST. Our Kentucky organization number is 0996930, named R.E. White Consulting LLC, a “P” or for profit business, KLC or Kentucky Limited Liability Company, in “A” or Active status, in “G” or good standing which means we pay our annual fees and do the reports and taxes. It is actually very astonishing how curious people were and still always are about us, how we got started, why we are in business, what it is we really do, the technical aspects of our website and databases, where we get our clients, why the team keeps growing, the massive amount of data and information we generate on a weekly and monthly basis, the fascinating images we capture and share, our “feats of strength” and running plus workout training, why we have zero debt and what type of equipment we use, where we received our experience and education, and much more, so THANK YOU!!!

08-27-2020 Adam Farragalli of the Horton Group, Digital Marketing, Brentwood Tennessee. “You would make a great motivational speaker, you are very engaging. You should start a YouTube channel. Your obviously very healthy, you look really young, your doing something that is working. You guys do a lot as a company, and offer a large variety of services, can you funnel down and be more specific about an area of service you want us to help you market and advertise? I can do 13 pullups, I enjoy lifting weights, I can’t walk on my hands.” Thank you so much Mr. Farragalli, your words are greatly appreciated and motivational!! Yes, our program works, IF a person is willing to put in the time, hours, and sweat, and not just any type but very specific, highly focused, trained and learned, extremely structured habits, routines, and workouts along with financial tasks, planning, and goals. As for the funneling, of course we can and we do, this is why we have various web pages and blog posts, and team members. When we start advertising it will be for one area of service at a time, maybe even one service within that heading, such as “IT” – “We Build WordPress Websites”. As a group we are totally focused and multi skilled, we promote individuality, and believe all people have so much to offer, can go back to school and or continue their education, and actually enjoy doing different types of tasks and projects, this helps relieve boredom which can be caused by repetitive behavior and job requirements, so we offer five areas of service. I love lifting weights too, and studies show that one hour of weight training a week, can reduce the chances of a stroke or heart attack by up to 50%. You are so inspirational Adam, and we deeply appreciate it!! We need to do more pullups ourselves, and you CAN walk on your hands, lol, just practice, and let us know how you are doing!!! Have a nice day, and thank you so much!!

2017 – 2020: Multiple People, “I don’t really understand what it is you actually do, can you explain it to me please?” We get this question quite a bit, even though we have explained it over and over again in person and here on the website, so let’s keep it real simple shall we. You know what data is right? No? “Data” is usually numbers, as in 1, 3, 15, 47, 5,218, 0, 1/2, .0021, -28, and so on and so forth, but it isn’t very useful without turning the numbers into words or “information” we can all read, evaluate, share, and use. Much of what we do is data driven, it’s just basically math, but also involves science, engineering, and a lot of technology. We use statistics, averages, ratios, percentages, fractions, diameters, circumferences, decimals, feet, miles, meters, BINARY (0s and 1s), hardware, software, processors, RAM, SSDs, TCP/IP, HTML, MySQL, servers, routers, databases, C Panels, and much much more to obtain, create, develop, drive, service, and maintain our clients, team members, website, investments, profit, business, and future progress and growth. Next, we work, this is not rocket science, we enjoy working and are very good and highly skilled in our five divisions of service, Information Technology, Event Planning, Real Estate, Business Development, and Personal Development. Many people just don’t want to take the time to slow down, and think about what we are doing, and it does require some thought and intelligence, education and analytical thinking skills. Trust is also very important, we trust our team members and our clients trust us, we don’t like scammers or liars or those who are aloof or constantly suspicious, trust is one of our founding principles. We created a team of people who love to work, we have clients we work for but not just ANY clients, our clients need to qualify for our services, we get to pick and choose, this means more options for us, which is always a great thing to have. So, in our Information Technology division we create web sites, teach website development, host websites, provide data storage, perform back up routines, work on computers, build computer networks, provide virtual assistance work, social media maintenance, image manipulation and graphic design, video production, blog posts and updates, virus removal, system installs, and a lot of other tasks and projects. In our Event Planning we do and “put on” or host or MC entire events, all the scheduling, bookings, travel arrangements, food and catering, audio and video, for weddings, anniversaries, parties, schools, corporate summits, and more. With our Real Estate division we provide landscaping services, mow yards and fields, weed eat, spray for weeds, cut down large trees, repair homes, haul off junk, patrol property, house sit, run errands, meet with utility workers and service people, help maintain estates, pet sit, phone calls, text messages, emails, and much more. As for Business Development we motivate people to start their own business, help with branding, teach them what they need to know and how we did it, host websites, help with logos, teach about investment and return, etc., and more. Finally, in our Personal Development division we do very serious and intense personal physical fitness training, weight reduction and obesity elimination, deep and very complex mental resilience training, math tutoring, emotional well being instruction and education, spiritual fitness and workouts and studies, and financial debt reduction consulting and training. We own the company, and we work for the company, that is for now anyway, eventually there will be managers who run everything while we start another business. We think big, we never limit ourselves or our dreams, and we are working and planning for serious growth, our goal is to grow the business and company into a privately held $1,000,000,000.00 a year gross profit business without ever taking a loan.

2020: Multiple people, “Who are your clients, team members, partners, investors, tenants, and other businesses you network with?” While some of that information is private, we do make public many names and even physical locations of numerous people on the team as well as clients, it depends on their level of desired privacy and comfort, we always respect everyone’s boundaries and wishes as they are made known to us. Many of the companies we do business with and or support or associate with are listed on the page called Clients & Companies located here. To learn more about our ever expanding list of incredibly talented R.E. White Consulting Team Members please go here. As for our some of our Tenants, Partners, Investors, and others please visit the Reviews & Opinions page of the website located here. We are endlessly and extremely grateful for all the help, volunteer time, guidance, involvement, technical support, white collar work, blue collar skilled work, manual labor, mentoring, suggestions, meetings, phone calls, ideas, and so much more everyone has given and or donated or sold to us, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!! Our success is your success, and we have tremendous traction and forward progress!!!

09-11-2020: Mr. Frank S, “You are middle men!?”. Interesting statement and we sure do appreciate it Mr. Frank, the dinner and discussion at Pattie’s was just so very intriguing and fabulous, let’s do it again soon!! After contemplating on this one for a while we think maybe there is a good answer, so hang on, and again let’s keep it really really simple. What is a “middle man”? Dictionary Dot Com says: “mid·dle·man/ˈmidl man , noun: middle-man: a person who buys goods from producers and sells them to retailers or consumers. “we aim to maintain value for money by cutting out the middleman and selling direct”, a person who arranges business or political deals between other people.” As explained already earlier in this Q and A / post / page we like to work, and we do, you didn’t miss the featured image did you? That is your CEO Marc William White working, running a big chain saw, so part of the answer is NO, we are not just middle men sitting behind a desk trying to collect up money electronically, not even close. We own the business AND we work, we do blue collar manual labor, blue collar skilled labor, white collar on site and remote work, AND we network with other business owners, AND we negotiate large business transactions involving millions of dollars over time, AND we help maintain estates either in the field or at a desk or over the phone, AND we run this website, AND we are building a database of clients / team members / assistants / freelancers / associates / contacts / etc., AND we have an online community, AND many other things! So YES, we are “middle men”, we buy and sell services, we buy and sell equipment, we buy and sell furniture, we buy and sell items and books, and hope to soon me an authorized official Microsoft Partner & Office Reseller. We host websites and resell those services, and will sell the Golden Gate Bridge if you are buying, HAHA, no not really, it isn’t for sale as far as we know. We aren’t scammers, we aren’t criminals, we are not aloof or shady, we don’t charge a fee without telling our clients, we don’t manipulate customers, don’t expect people to work for free, and we love to sign contracts backing up what we say we will do which is a lot more then the average business will do now days.

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