Track Your Exercise Routine & Runs

Hello and good afternoon!! This will be more of a short motivational post for all clients, team members, freelancers, community members, and visitors. It may be removed at a later time so please enjoy. The “featured image” above, of the two beautiful, healthy, nutritious all vegan salads was taken at The Mellow Mushroom, one of our favorite places. We had such a fantastic time, and NO, haha, we didn’t use ALL of those large containers of salad dressing, they gave us way too much. Hint hint, don’t use so much dressing on your salads, and drop back to balsamic vinaigrette and steer clear of the thick blue cheese. You could also opt for a meat free day of the week when you do this, your blood pressure will thank you, your insurance company will thank you, your children will thank you, and your doctor will be impressed (if you have a good one)!!!

We had an excellent Go To Weekly R.E. White Consulting Teleconference Team Meeting last night, with 7 in attendance total, next week there will probably be 15 of us and we are hoping to offer a 10 minute motivational share from a very successful business owner or famous person, it will be incredible we guarantee it!! Thank you Ms. Tomlin, Ms. Morris, Ms. Joann, Mr. Dimmick, Mr. Reuben Titus, and Mr. Daniel Titus, we sure appreciate everyone being involved and attending.

On another note, I want to try and motivate YOU, yes you, the reader, the visitor, anyone and everyone to get out there and exercise, run, lift, bike, swim, and stay very active, this way you can have a higher quality of life, get more focus, then experience a lot more traction with your business and financial goals, savings, investing, retirement, and legacy. I love doing “feats of strength”, timing myself, and sharing the results, not only does it help motivate me but others say it helps them also. Today on 09-09-2020 I successfully performed the following:

  1. RUN: at around 11:00 AM, ran the 1 mile on mostly flat pavement with 1 small incline hill in 8 minutes and 27 seconds flat. This is good time, but not good enough, I can do much better but I will take it.
  2. HANG: hung my entire body weight, with arms fully extended, from a metal bar, for 1 minute and 1 second without stopping. I have done as much as almost 90 seconds or more in the past and would love to get this time up to 2 minutes.
  3. SQUATS: performed 37 squats with arms folded in front in 59 seconds, with butt going down below knees. I thought I would do better on this, and maybe could have. NOTE: do NOT try this until you are in shape and ready, otherwise you will stress your legs out and it will be extremely painful maybe.
  4. HANDSTAND: performed a hand stand / walk for 30 full seconds!! I have been trying to accomplish this for weeks now, and we finally made it!!! Booo Yaaa!!! Also, it was on rough pavement, that makes it a little harder.
  5. GRIP: gripped a 90b lb hand squeezer gripper, fully closed with plastic parts touching, with 1 hand for 21 full seconds. The average for a 1 second pull (or as hard as you can) is 105 lbs to 113 lbs. Then I used both hands and did almost 1 minute.
  6. JUMP: jumped in the air, bringing both feet up behind me and grabbing my ankles with my hands, then landing on my feet. See image below.

Hope this helps motivate you guys, keep up the great work, you are incredible no matter who you are, just do the right things, be kind to people, stay in shape, don’t over eat, care about life and yourself, run and lift and stretch, get some sunshine, breath fresh air, sleep for 7 to 8 hours, ditch the junk food and processed food and Netflix, be wise with your time, pay off your debts, and be proactive!!!! God bless and have a very amazing evening!!!! Thank you so much for being here, and keep coming back…. 🙂

Marc White CEO, USN-RET, MCP

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