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This is the R.E. White Consulting business, domain, website, database, and repository. There are no 3rd parties or companies involved when you hire us. We are open 24 hours a day 6 days a week here in the blazing fast Google Cloud (the same technology Google uses to serve their pages), we only close Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown in observance of Sabbath. Home of the wildly successful R.E. White Consulting YouTube Show (we bring you more information than you can stand and you can’t stand without it), Lifted Moving Services (as Jesus Christ was lifted upon the cross we will lift and move your stuff), MuleShed Website Hosting (serving pages with a kick since 2021), Sam’s Rental Properties (even a mouse needs a house), The Triple J Round Rock Ranch since 1937 (formerly J & J Farms Inc. & the Sam White Farm) , Mike Tutors Services (increasing your STEM scores daily), The Jo Ann White Sabbath Day Museum & Bookstore (explaining The Great Controversy), John Sturgeon’s RV Park & Camp Ground (cheap, happy, quiet, and NOT in Adairville), The Wilma Lucille White Holy Bible Collection (praising Yahweh without ceasing), Adairville Kentucky Dot Com (a place for ALL citizens of the town), Pearl’s Animal Sanctuary (Sub Zero The Cat, Button The Bird, Schwartz The Mule), Schwartz The Tik Tok Schenzation (with over 1 million total views), Shangri-La Mini Farm, and much, much more!!!

Our Five Divisions Of Service

Information Technology

Event Planning & Seminars

Real Estate & Moving

Business Development

Personal Development

What we “DO”: an often asked question with a simple answer, accomplish tasks, that’s it, and we kindly ask you to please not complicate this. Leave the complexities to us, we are experts at it. We do and will trim the excess and bloat for you and your team or family. Sir or ma’am, you are probably exactly like us, our team, and our highly successful clients, sometimes feeling very exhausted at “trying to get things done” due to people and companies over complicating things for no apparent reason what so ever. Along with the rise of this amazing “information age” comes the double edged sword of “too much information”, and we recognize the problem, our proven success is partially built on this awareness. So, it is simple, you have a need, something to be done, a task, job, or work, which are part of your project, plan, and ultimate goal. You are a manager, of your life and business, searching for “help” or assistance or a worker, to get it DONE, checked off your list or schedule, so you can move on to the next item, and reach your GOAL, and we truly want to be part of that incredible process!!! In our five divisions of service, we work, and you will be amazed at what we do, we promise! Instead of “picking one thing and doing it well”, we do MANY things, EXTREMELY well, we challenge you to hire us and see!!

We Host 24 Domain Names

This is where we collaborate, with our many outstanding clients, talented team members, diverse business partners, dedicated tenants, loving family members, inclined interns, and happy volunteers with how to documents, writings, articles, pages, posts, comments, forums, videos, chatting, email, schedules, project management, databases, and much more! All data, information, and accounts (here and at MuleShed Hosting) are fully incrementally automatically backed up nightly via JetBackup 5, at 3:00 AM CST USA and stored on our server, weekly all data is downloaded locally, and taken off site monthly to a secure facility.

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In the past 30 days, Imunify 360 has recorded 224 Alerts, 12.3K CAPTCHA events, and 224 WAF alerts, successfully blocking all attacks against us. As of 01-09-2023 the total size of this database / website is 93MB. We generate a limited amount of “free content”, it is in our “paid content” area where you will find extremely valuable data, articles, tips, advice, hacks, opinions, and information which can and will revolutionize your life, family, schedule, retirement goals, work ethic, client base, and so much more!

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Our owner, CEO, leader, organizer, lay pastor, and chief blogger is Marc William White Koehne, only by the grace of God he is: Great Great Grandson of The Minister Richard Erskin White, former USN NTC San Diego RTC Company 219 Squad Leader, former USN Certified Radiation Worker, USN Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer Second Class (E5) Retired, Cold War Service Veteran, Microsoft Certified Professional NT4.0 Retired, Triple J Round Rock Ranch Owner, and Sam’s Rental Properties & Maintenance Co-Owner. He is a Glade Valley Private High School Graduate, Southern Adventist Private University attendee, Belmont Private University attendee (Information Management Systems), former student at Athena Computer Learning Center of Nashville, and Certified Single Handed Sailor Retired at multiple Yacht Clubs. Great Grandson of John Sturgeon White father of 6 children, grandson of Samuel Arthur White who helped bring modern day agriculture to Logan County KY, son of Guy William Koehne scientist who discovered a cure for swine pneumonia, and father to Samuel Yu White a college graduate and recipient of a full rugby scholarship. In his down time he enjoys running (400M in 1:29, 1 mile in 7:45), weight lifting, mountain biking, reading writing, motivating others, mentoring, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, attending church services on Sabbath (Saturday), and taking care of animals. He has traveled to almost all 50 states and 4 countries on 2 continents, resided in California for a decade, attended 10 different schools and universities, has zero financial debt and loans, invests in bitcoin (first bitcoin bought at $4,000.00) and other crypto currencies, holds stock in multiple companies, believes everyone should have a sizable cookie jar fund, owns a “57 Chevrolet” he plans to restore, is planning to build a 50′ X 50′ barndominium shop / warehouse / gym, and loves to work with his hands while serving others and working for the Mighty Kingdom of Yahweh.

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What we “DON’T DO“: Bash on men and masculinity. Overly promote equality. Constantly use the word “safe”. Engage in fear mongering. Make you give us your phone number to do business (we will come on site and work via word of mouth). Repeatedly ask to fill out surveys without compensating for valuable time and expertise (aren’t you tired of those?). Flood private and often used electronic mail In-boxes with useless junk, updates, & confirmations (we are working on a world wide solution for this). Deliberately waste time with unnecessary incessant talking on the phone in order to over bill (we aren’t attorneys). Expect visitors to wait more than 3.5 seconds for “heavy” pages to first paint and or fully download, use politically correct “woke” images or ads while promoting equality without stating our main goal which is profit and money, or omit to inform you that Jesus Christ IS our business model ( your time is important, and we truly value individualism with diversity of cultures and races, and love always beats hate).


Mr. Ken Moore & First Lady Linda Crowell
Honorable Mayor of Franklin TN

Mr. Dennis A. Robbins Family
Performer & composer for Garth Brooks

D.T. McCall & Sons Family
Furniture & flooring dynasty

Willodean Davis Family
Davis Reality & Associates Inc

Mr. Lee Robey Family
Robey Farms agribusiness & dairy

Mr. Mark Hubbard & Associates
CFO & antique collector & dealer

Captain Ron Cole Family
Eastern Airlines & Vietnam war Navy pilot

Mr. Ramcey Rodriguez
Sound Engineer & vintage album collector

Ms. Erica Kious
Salon owner exposed Nancy Pelosi

Ms. Linda Popp Family
Popp’s Motel Key Largo FL

Mr. Torin Family
Guitar builder for Dwight Yoakam

Nashville SWAT Team Member

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Feel free to call or text us sir or ma’am, its is always our pleasure to serve you, at 270-847-2955 24 hours a day, please leave a message if we don’t pick up, we are probably working, and someone will return your message promptly. Marc William White USN-RET, MCP, CEO, Owner, & Great Great Grandson of The Minister Richard Erskin White (1850 – 1920).