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Welcome to the incredible online community and luxurious world of R.E. White Consulting LLC, a company comprised of distinguished, honorable, and trustworthy professionals. As a group, we work for, provide managed & concierge services, and also negotiation services, for the affluent, ultra wealthy, and successful entrepreneurs in whatever tasks, projects, or visions are required of us, and we are qualified to perform.

If your needs are email management, a new website or on going maintenance, branding ideas, assistance with a wedding or corporate event, deep cleaning and organizing services, house or pet sitting and walking, help with starting up a new business, someone to represent you in negotiations, or trying to tackle the 5K and get traction, we are your go to company! We just moved to a new server, and we are still completing pages here, please forgive us for our construction mess.

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Our brand is about respect, wealth, luxury, and drive, we understand hard work and determination. Many of our clients, as well as partners and tenants, and family members, own and operate vast estates in addition to businesses valued well in excess of $1,000,000.00. Also, when allowable we donate time and resources on a pro bono basis to those in poverty, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities. Part of our ethos is embodied in “the more one works, the more one can give and help others”, ultimately leaving behind a useful legacy worthy of honor, humble praise, and admiration. We are completely debt free, with thousands of dollars in liquidity at our disposal, and we strive to promote the same for all American families. Our company is named in honor of “Rich”, the late Mr. Richard Erskin White as we continue his incredible legacy of fidelity, honor, work, community, civility, and giving.

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Please feel free to take a moment, relax, explore our website, where intriguing useful information may be obtained prior to or while engaging with us. The main menu is in the upper right of your screen, and appears as three bars on some mobile devices at center screen. As your CEO, a great great grandson of R.E., and also a consultant myself, I welcome you, your family, and your associates. We have experienced tremendous success over the past 8 months, our gratitude to our specifically hand picked and carefully vetted private clients can never be measured, thank you so much and please stop in to visit us again. We know you have worked hard for your estate, if you are part of the wealthy elite in America, we certainly would enjoy speaking with you, at your leisure, to learn more about how we may assist you and your team. Have a very positive day, kindest warm regards always, very respectfully, Mr. Marc William White ~ Chief Executive Officer / Owner, Microsoft Certified Professional, Triple J Round Rock Ranch Owner, Petty Officer USN Retired.

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