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From inception to completion, your project or task is our top priority, “busy” is what we are not, available to our clients 24 hours a day is what we are.

Over 100+ Years of Combined Experience

Our consultants represent decades of real world, in the field, hands on experience with a wide array of skills, certifications, and qualifications. Call or Text 270-847-2955, you won’t regret it!

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Multi Level Wheelhouse Of Services

R.E. White Consulting is a data management company & team, providing highly skilled professional services, guidance, data storage, & rental properties within four divisions to many businesses, partners, & various clients: Robey Dairy & Tobacco Farms, Barker Farms, The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, MuleShed Data Storage & Website Hosting, Sam’s Rental Properties, MarcWhite.Pro, The Wilma Lucille White Holy Bible Collection, Mike’s Tutoring Service, Lifted Moving Services, Sam’s Tobacco Barn, Popp’s Motel Key Largo, Franklin Tn Mayor Ken Moore, Song Writer Dennis Robbins, D.T. McCall & Sons Furniture, & many others.

Assets Under Management

Over 1,544,637 square feet of land not including “potential” or land held out of state.

Potential $400,000.00 VA Real Estate Loan (2024)

8994 Nashville Rd. Adairville Ky 1.5 Acre (1937)

417 A North High St. Adairville Ky .25 Acre (1947)

417 B North High St. Adairville Ky .25 Acre (1947)

8998 Nashville Rd. Adairville Ky .5 Acre (1950)

415 Hershey Dr. Hopkinsville Ky .4 Acre (1967)

Tract A – 16.52 Acres Logan County Ky (1937)

Tract B – 12.26 Acres Logan County Ky (1945)

Tract C – 5.02 Acres Logan County Ky (1997)

Tract D – 20.00 Acres “Potential” In Family (1985)

Tract E – Out of State Land Held In Trust (1995)

Standing Timber In Board Feet of Various Species

Member Of The Bitcoin 21 Million Club (2018)

410,000 Galaxy Fox Tokens (2024)

10,241,579,209 Kishu Inu Coin (2021)

15,857,459,012 Baby Doge Coin (2021)

32,191,390 Old Safe Moon Coin (2021)

Apple Corporation Stock (2019)

R.E. White Consulting Working In & Running On The Google Cloud Platform Since 2021

Ready to take your entire business and team into the cloud ma’am or sir? We will accomplish that highly complex project for you. This website is proudly hosted by MuleShed Data Storage & Website Hosting (an R.E. White Consulting business) on our own fully dedicated Google Compute Engine n2-standard-2 VM instance, utilizing leased state of the art cutting edge commercial grade software installed & maintained by our team, including Apache Web Server v2.4.51, CloudLinux Shared Pro Operating System v7.9.0, WHM Web Host Manager v100.0.2, Cpanel Website Control Panel, WordPress Content Management System v6.1.1, and Intel Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs, on the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine in Google’s Council Bluffs Iowa $5B Data Center. Our server has had 100% uptime since 12-17-2022 when it was last rebooted. Stop throwing hard earned money away each month, contact us today at 270-847-2955 and learn how we can help optimize your business and work flow by utilizing our Managed IT Services.

Freedom & Decadence

Industries We Service

Information Technology

Data and the always expanding information derived from it, is the powerful engine which inspires consumers to make purchasing decisions, sometimes in only a few seconds. At R.E. White Consulting we understand work flows in ways no other agency can or does, synergizing in conjunction with your organization or team, to collaborate in the cloud, delivering proven results year after year. We do data, from binary, to TCP/IP, through the cloud, all the way to the check out cart. Call or Text 270-847-2955 today!

Event Planning

From public speaking, to motivational talks, or massive summit events, we are your go to event planning company.

Real Estate & Moving

Across the nation or across town, our Lifted Moving Services can and will get it done. leave the worry to us.

Business Development

Not sure about your brand? We are specialists in branding strategy, employing new ideas to get you off the ground.

Personal Development

Your greatest asset is you, invest wisely and daily. Let us help motivate your team to better health, wealth, and fitness.

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This web page is only 530KB in size, scores an “A” on GTMetrix, and fully loads in 1 second. According to Google studies, almost 50% of all web users will completely abandon a page which doesn’t fully load in 3.5 seconds or less. You should absolutely hire our Managed IT Services Division to show you how to plan, build, and maintain your business or company website the right way!! Call or text 270-847-2955 today!.

MuleShed Data Storage

We support American families and local US economies. Data is our business!! Dependable hard working data storage and web hosting with a kick! Paper is slow, cumbersome, and risky, electronic is instant, small, and safe. Why complicate things? The best ideas are simple! Data creates information, and that is what drives your business, clients decision making to hire you, and your bottom line called profit which pays your bills. Do business 24 hours a day, at the speed of light, with the fastest public cloud provider on planet earth, the Google Cloud Platform. Allow us ma’am or sir, here at MuelShed Data Storage & Website Hosting, to plan, organize, store, manage, backup, and serve all of your customer data, bill payables & receivables, balance sheets, cash flow charts, tax documents, databases, websites, shopping carts, to do lists, project management, scheduling software, collaboration program, logistics software, products, and much more!! All while safe and secure inside a Google $5B data center right here in the USA!! Please click this link and discover MuelShed Data Storage & Website Hosting, you will sure be glad you did!! Thank you!!


Located only 45 scenic miles from bustling downtown Nashville

The Triple J Round Rock Ranch
200 Beautiful Rolling Acres
Family Owned Since 1937
8998 Nashville Road
Adairville KY 42202

Call or Text : +1 (270) 847 2955
Switchboard : +1 (270) 539 2043


“The high level of respect the R.E. White Team has for each and every client has made being part of this organization the highlight of my career.” Click on the images of each consultant to see their full complete bio.

Our Clients Say

“I love the idea that you are a real company and business, with a phone number, and genuine dedicated people who truly care.”

Thanks R.E. White Consulting In Assisting To Get Our Home On The Market!

Real Client Scenario: “In October of 2021 our dear beloved grandmother Josephine passed away and our family was so devastated. Her stately home in Tullahoma Tn of 5,700 sqft was always a central hub for the family, where endless cherished memories were created. We didn’t know how to start and were completely overwhelmed. Of particular concern was her massive collection of rare china, crystal, and flatware. R.E. White Consulting’s Real Estate Division, Lifted Moving Services, was instrumental in guiding us through this difficult transition, their skilled caring team came on site, went to work, and we listed the property for sale within a few weeks! Thank you!”

Mike Bruck

The “average” web page size is whopping 2.2 MEGAbytes, large, cumbersome, sluggish, and down right slow, not good for your clients, shopping cart, or business! This entire web page consists of exactly 494 Kilobytes of data, only 22.45% the size of average. On Sunday October 8th 2023, 12:33 PM CST USA, at www.gtmetrix.com this webpage traveled from Council Bluffs Iowa to Vancouver British Columbia, a 1,788 mile journey (27 hour car ride), through fiber optic cables at a speed of 6,436,800 miles per hour, and scored “A” with a “100% Performance”, “100% Structure”, “Largest Contentful Paint 338 milliseconds”, “Total Blocking Time 0.00 milliseconds”, “Cumulative Layout Shift 0.00”, a “Fully Loaded Time of 588 milliseconds”, “Total Page Size of 494KB (32 images)”, and “11 Total Page Requests”. Approximately 50% of all web users will totally abandon any page that doesn’t fully load in 3.5 seconds or less. You don’t need a slow clunky website, call or text 270-847-2955 today! Call or Text 270-847-2955 today, we speed up business, help your clients check out faster, and bring more profit to your bottom line!